Angelica Collection

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Angelica collection, effortlessly customizable arm ornaments with charms.

Angelica wrist trinkets can be worn alone as an announcement, in sets for the stacked bangle look, or even stir up the shades of gold tone, silver tone, and rose tone.

about with more than 1500 effortlessly flexible wrist trinkets and charms with images from otherworldly to eccentric, from sentimental to nostalgic, alongside energizing new authorized items. Unending approaches to give a lady a chance to indicate how she feels, what she has confidence in and her identity.

Angelica is from the Royal Chain Group is second era family-claimed organization and one of the nation’s driving and most regarded makers of gems.

Furthermore, $.25 of every arm jewelry is given to Generation Rescue, a national association focused on enhancing the personal satisfaction for those influenced by autism.

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