USA Bills & Currency

Bring in and Sell your USA Bills & Currency in Las Vegas & Henderson We buy old & collectible currency & paper bills.  When it comes to the newer money, that is still in heavy circulation, and not that collectible, we only pay face value minus our commission.  In some cases, it...

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$1000 US Dollar Bill

Bring in and Sell your $1000 US Dollar Bill in Las Vegas & Henderson The first one notes issued from 1869-1882, the second one from 1882-1902, and the third one from 1902-1922. In 1929 the notes were restored as a crisis issue because of the Great Depression in little size. They were ended in...

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sell your 500 us dollar bill to us

$500 US Dollar Bill

Sell your $500 US Dollar Bill! In Nevada Coin Mart We are the preferred #1 $500 US Dollar Bill Buyer In Las Vegas because WE PAY THE MOST  The $500 US Dollar Bill is a favorite among collectors.  Rare prints, in great condition, can fetch anywhere between $600 to over $1000 apiece! However,...

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