Argent by Paige

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In heraldry, argent is the tincture of silver, and has a place with the class of light tinctures called “metals.” It is as often as possible portrayed as white and normally thought to be compatible with it. In inscriptions and line illustrations, districts to be tinctured argent are either left clear or showed with the contraction ar. in them.

Argent gets from Latin Argentum, interpreted as white metal or silver. The word argent had a similar importance in Old French blazon, from which it goes into the English dialect.

In some verifiable portrayals of emblems, a sort of silver leaf was connected to those parts of the gadget that was argent. After some time, the silver substance of these portrayals has discolored and obscured.

Thus, it can once in a while be hard to recognize districts that were planned as argent for those that were sable. This leaves a false impression that the management of tincture has been abused in situations where, when connected by a dim shading, argent presently gives off an impression of being sable because of discoloring.

Paige Novick

Luxury Designer & Influencer for Fine Jewelry and Accessories. Founder of Gem Story, luxury wellness brand. Meditation teacher and certified in crystal healing.

Paige’s eponymous jewelry collection reflects her personal style – that of restrained glamour. Her clean, yet dramatic designs, reflect an everyday versatility and represent a fusion of the feminine and the brute. Paige’s geometric, sculptural and architectural elements give rise to a contrast that evokes the tension between synthetic and natural and the rigid and fluid. One of her collection’s hallmark characteristics is the use of sliced stones, which are often paired with leather as well as with oxidized metals.

Currently, the Paige Novick brand is carried in thought-leading retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Ikram and Moda Operandi as well as in dozens of other luxury specialty stores throughout North America and Asia. Editorially, Paige (as well as her designs) have been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, T Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, In Style, Women’s Wear Daily and Marie Claire.

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