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Gold teeth are a type of dental prosthesis that is used for corrective purposes or for aesthetics. While gold teeth look great it can go out of fashion. You can sell your dental gold at Nevada Coin Mart we are the #1 dental gold buyer in Las Vegas.

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In the early times of Egyptian and Chinese history, gold was utilized for false teeth since it was so pliant. In Fact, Skulls more than 5,000 years of age have been found with gold teeth in their mouths.

Dental practitioners have utilized gold for filling pits (before mercury amalgam wound up noticeably accessible), for crowns, and for different purposes since old circumstances. Gold is moldable, about resistant to consumption, and sufficiently hard to frame a gnawing surface that can be utilized for a considerable length of time. Gold was utilized before silver ended up noticeably accessible and has kept on being utilized for specific purposes. Dental rebuilding efforts are frequently produced using a mix of valuable metals.

Old Asia

The main known case of utilizing dental crowns goes back 4,000 years in Southeast Asia – on Luzon, an island in the Philippines. The Philippine skeletons uncovered fundamental brilliant tops and gold tooth substitutions. Researchers have discovered that adjusting teeth with gold was prevalent among boss and the political decision class of the period. The presence of gold teeth was an image of riches, influence, and status.

Antiquated Italy

Around 700 B.C., the Etruscans – an antiquated Italian human progress which worked in what we know as Tuscany today – additionally utilized the utilization of gold as dental crowns. Extravagance and riches were essential to the Etruscans, and it’s apparent in their teeth. Etruscan skeletons uncovered the utilization of simple dental crowns made out of gold and put over teeth. Analysts have likewise discovered Etruscan stays with simulated teeth held to set up by wrapping them with gold wire and banding them beside existing teeth. This is really the main cause of dental scaffolds! As a result of their creativity and eagerness to explore, the Etruscans are credited with being the primary restorative dental specialists.

Removable gold teeth

Despite the fact that a few people have decided on lasting gold teeth, the dominant part are presently buying removable gold tops. This style is otherwise called Gold Grillz, Gold Grills, Gold Fronts, Gold Packs, and Simply Gold teeth. These are getting to be noticeably much more well known in light of the fact that when one needs to wear these for shows, occasions, or whatever reason they can cut them on. When they are finished wearing them they can easily be evacuated as well. These must likewise be evacuated when expending, dozing and brushing. It is prompted that these are for oddity purposes just and must be dealt with in that form.

Dental Gold Buyers

Dental gold buyers will analyze your dental scrap for their value. The weight and gold purity (karatage) are important factors to consider before giving a fair price. Dental gold buyers in Las Vegas, like Nevada Coin Mart will evaluate your item free of charge.


Gold teeth are made in all karats of gold from 10K-24K.

  • 10K gold is the minimum costly and most grounded against twisting, however discolors less demanding than other higher karat choices.
  • 14K gold is the best an incentive for a shopper on a financial plan. It has medium hardness, splendid sparkle and strong.
  • 18K gold is more costly, has a splendid shine, extremely tough and doesn’t discolor simple.
  • 24K unadulterated gold being the most exorbitant yet unmatched shading and sparkle and doesn’t discolor. In spite of the fact that, it is delicate and twists flabby effectively.

    Dental Scraps

    Sell Dental Gold

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    Do you have old dental gold that you’re not using anymore and want out of your hands? We’ll be happy to take them from you and even pay you for it! Sell your dental gold at Nevada Coin Mart, we are the #1 dental gold buyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV! 

    Nevada Coin Mart offers a free in-store evaluation for your piece using a state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer in order to accurately analyze and measure precious metal contents in your piece. This will ensure that you get top-dollar for your items. 

    We are open 365 times a year from 9 am to 6 pm, so come visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us up at 702-998-4000.

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