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John Hardy is a gems organization. Established by John Hardy in 1975, the organization is known for its Asian roused outlines and conventional high-quality adornments strategies. It markets itself as a “reasonable extravagance” mark.


John Hardy is the extravagance carefully assembled gems mark established on a collaboration amongst originators and craftsman who make objects of magnificence in a situation of regard for individuals and the characteristic world. The organization’s mark joint effort amongst originators and craftsman yields adornments that join the dominance of the capable gem specialists who served Balinese rulers with present-day plan understandings. The John Hardy group is focused on its center estimations of credibility, straightforwardness, responsibility and decent variety.

The account of John Hardy adornments begins in 1975 when youthful Canadian workmanship understudy John Hardy moved to the mythical Indonesian island of Bali and started examining neighborhood conventional gems making methods with an ace craftsman whose predecessors were goldsmiths among the island’s previous imperial courts. As he adjusted these procedures to crisp, new outlines, Hardy shaped the organization in 1989.

In 2003, Damien Dernoncourt joined the organization as President and promptly encouraged the development of the brand globally. Thus, that same year, John Hardy began to offer selective stand-out pieces in Hong Kong; not long after, the brand came to be sold in Russia, Japan and Dubai.

In 2007, Hardy resigned and sold the organization to Dernoncourt and Bedarida. Presently helming John Hardy, the team keeps up the organization’s central goal of getting to be noticeably greener consistently and the cooperation of originators and craftsmans. At the same time safeguarding the legacy and estimations of the organization, Dernoncourt and Bedarida have redesigned the brand to another level of extravagance claim and worldwide acknowledgment.

In 2008, John Hardy gems made its introduction in one of France’s most esteemed shopping areas, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris. In February 2010, John Hardy gladly appeared in the United Kingdom in Harrods and driving on the web retailer Net-a-Porter. In 2010, its first leader store was propelled in Jakarta, Indonesia.

John Hardy adornments is known for its outlines in sterling silver, emblematic of virtue and related with the moon and instinct. A mark highlight of John Hardy gems, craftsmans build up the inclination of silver, the whitest of all metals, to oxidize (turn dark) to make rich conceivable outcomes for differentiation and surface in solid cadenced examples. This procedure can be found in accumulations, for example, Bamboo, Carved Chain, Dot, Kali, Naga, and Palu.

Another characteristic of John Hardy plans is the need put on the “back flame broil,” where cut work is carved on the inward surface of a bit of gems. The conventional Balinese strategy of ukiran is utilized in both unique and non-literal plans to make adornments that recounts a story. The back flame broil ends up noticeably like a mystery story worn beside the skin, guaranteeing within the piece is similarly as wonderful as the external surface.

Mark pieces among every gathering, John Hardy’s notorious sleeves order the boldest interpretation of every theme. Significant of energy, the sleeve is generally found on warriors and divinities all through antiquated workmanship.


John Hardy gems are known for its plans in sterling silver and for utilizing conventional Balinese adornments making procedures and examples to make present-day pieces.

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