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Over 120 years prior, Kokichi Mikimoto, a man with the expertise of a researcher and the spirit of a craftsman, prevailing with regards to making the world’s initially refined pearl.

Today, Mikimoto is the chief maker of the finest refined pearls and a worldwide pioneer in an extraordinary plan of adornments created with these diamonds of the ocean. The Mikimoto name is, indeed, synonymous with unrivaled quality. Each delightful pearl strand, accessory, pendant, combine of hoops, armlet or ring reflects unparalleled care, commitment, and enthusiasm. Mikimoto implies immortal class and advanced, present-day outline. It is a joy to wear and possess the finest refined pearls on the planet!


The eldest child of a noodle-shop proprietor, Kokichi Mikimoto was conceived on January 25, 1858, in Japan’s Shima promontory, in the town of Toba. When he was 11 years of age, his dad fell sick, and the young man looked for his fortune, bolding associating with different societies and investigating new open doors, as he built up an unmistakable fascination in Ise Pearls, common pearls found in his town, bringing high costs, and being assembled without restriction until the point when they turned out to be more unnerve with each passing year. Mikimoto was worried about the termination of the pearl-delivering clams and set out to develop pearls inside his own secured shellfish beds on Ojima Island.

In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto prevailing with regards to delivering the world’s initially refined pearl. Since that day, Mikimoto keeps on leaving a mark on the world, making its own particular unmistakable style. Mikimoto has built up the most noteworthy models of value and consistency by dedicating over a century to understanding the ocean and looking into the clam. Just the main 5% of the pearl gather meets the strict quality measures of Mikimoto .

A restrictive pearl evaluating framework measures the nature of each Mikimoto pearl. This extraordinary reviewing framework gives the standard of greatness that recognizes Mikimoto pearls from all others.

Offering the world’s finest choice of refined pearl gems, Mikimoto is synonymous with unparalleled ability and administration at each stage. Since 1893, when our author Kokichi Mikimoto made the world’s initially refined pearl, Mikimoto adornments has had an ageless quality, an ideal adjust of convention and development, constantly suitable, dependably in style. Outright consideration regarding everything about in gems appreciated far and wide, for ages past and ages to come.

Mikimoto’s first pearl boutique opened in Tokyo’s in vogue shopping area, Ginza, in 1899. His outstanding jewels made an appeal and Mikimoto stores soon followed in London, Paris and other significant urban communities. Mikimoto’s enthusiasm and constant devotion to pearls prompted many energizing improvements and helped his country thrive in the worldwide field. As an innovator, he eagerly showed his items and made many bewildering shows that spread the eminence of Mikimoto refined pearls.


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