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The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin stamped from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. It was the principal standard silver dollar printed since a generation of the past outline, the Seated Liberty dollar, stopped because of the entry of the Coinage Act of 1873, which additionally finished the free begetting of silver. The coin is named after its fashioner, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan. The front-side portrays a profile picture speaking to Liberty, while the switch delineates a bird with wings outstretched.

The dollar was approved by the Bland– Allison Act. Following the section of the 1873 demonstration, mining intrigues campaigned to reestablish free silver, which would require the Mint to acknowledge all silver displayed to it and return it, struck into the coin. Rather, the Bland– Allison Act was passed, which required the Treasury to buy in the vicinity of two and four million dollars of silver at advertising an incentive to beget into dollars every month.

Morgan dollars were named after their planner, George T. Morgan, whose delightful Liberty Head configuration was designed according to teacher Anna Williams. They were struck at five U.S. Mints from 1878 to 1921 and flowed mostly in the West. The cattle rustlers of the Old West named the coins “cartwheels” in view of their heavy size and weight.

Morgan Silver Dollar Key Dates

  • 1888‑O “Hot Lips”

Liberty’s profile has two noses, lips, and chins it was slightly misaligned when this coin was minted, that resulted in this Doubled Die Obverse “Hot Lips” Morgan dollar variety

  • 1889‑CC

This 90% silver dollar is a standout amongst the most uncommon and alluring issues in the whole Morgan dollar arrangement. Only a sparse 350,000 1889‑CC Morgans were minted and few have ever turned up in crowds, including the great Treasury arrival of the 1960s through the 1980s. Many may have been melted down to conform to the Pittman Act of 1918.

  • 1893‑S

The uncommon key-date 1893‑S Morgan is the masterpiece most gatherers need to finish an accumulation yet is hard to obtain! This uncommon 90% silver dollar is viewed as the most attractive Morgan at any point struck at a branch mint

  • 1895‑SThe 1895‑S Morgan is a rare, low-mintage, key-date San Francisco Mint issue. Just 400,000 silver dollars of this “S” Mint date were struck. As ahead of schedule as the mid-1950s, the 1895‑S Morgan was viewed as uncommon. Amid the silver melts of the most recent century, a huge number of 90% silver dollars were liquefied and mintages dwindled further. Out of the first 400,000 1895‑S Morgans printed, just 8,000 – 17,900 make due, as indicated by numismatic master Q. David Bowers. This makes them one of the rarer issues of the arrangement.Find how the Panic of 1893 caused by railroad and bank disappointments and legislative issues had an impact on the formation of the exceptionally alluring uncommon 1893‑S and rare 1895‑S Morgan dollars. To take in more of these silver dollars, read Low-Mintage Period Morgans by the late Paul Green.
  • 1878 8 Tail Feathers ReverseIn March 1878, the Philadelphia Mint struck the main Morgan silver dollars. These first dollars are the 8 Tail Feathers turn around, which were just delivered at the Philadelphia Mint. By the center of March, Mint Director Henry Linderman requested outline changes and new kicks the bucket must be made.
  • 1878 7 Over 8 Tail Feathers Reverse
    The Bland-Allison Act required the Treasury to strike a great many 90% silver dollars every month, and new kicks the bucket for every one of the mints would take half a month to create, the mint utilized the new 7 Tail Feathers configuration to overpunch the more seasoned 8 Tail Feathers bites the dust. This made the principal year 1878 7 Over 8 Morgan silver dollar assortment from Philadelphia.


  • 1921-D

Morgan silver dollars were issued from 1878 to 1904 – and after that, following a 17-year rest, one last time in 1921. The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints struck the most recent year 90% silver dollars. Also, on the grounds that the Denver Mint hadn’t opened until 1906, the prized a year ago Morgans from Denver is the main “D” Mints in the arrangement.

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