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Pendant a piece of jewelry worn around the neck consisting of a long chain with an object hanging from it, or the object itself. Pendants are flawless lockets and charms that show splendidly hued jewels, sparkly diamond stones, and glowing gems. Jewelers make various examples and outlines with pendant-styled embellishments. For instance, shoppers can buy pendants in heart, creature, or geometric shapes.

The word pendant derives from the Latin word “pendere”, and Old French word “pendre”, both of which translate to “to hang down”. It comes in the form of a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, generally attached by a small loop to a necklace, which may be known as a “pendant necklace”.


  • Amulet

In spite of the fact that special necklaces come in many structures, a wearable talisman worn around the neck or on the arm or leg as a pendant is the most widely recognized. These are objects accepted to have supernatural or otherworldly energy to shield the wearer from peril or scatter fiendish impacts.

  • Talisman

Like a special necklace, a charm is a protest accepted to have extraordinary attributes. Be that as it may, while an ornament is entirely a guarded question, a charm is intended to present exceptional advantages or powers upon the wearer.

  • Locket

A memento is a little question that opens to uncover a space which serves to hold a little protest, as a rule, a photo or a twist of hair. They regularly come as a pendant swinging from an accessory, however, they will once in a while be swung from an appeal arm ornament.

  • Medallion

A coin-molded bit of metal worn as a pendant around the neck or stuck onto garments. These are for the most part conceded as honors, acknowledgments, or religious gifts.

  • Functional pendants

Apparatuses worn as pendants incorporate Maori pounamu pendants. Shepherd’s shrieks, bosun’s shrieks, and ocarinas can likewise be made as pendants. Convenient galactic and navigational instruments were made as pendants.

Types of Pendants

Single Diamonds

  • Single diamond stone pendants highlight diverse jewel cuts like emerald, princess, and cushion. Diamond pendants can be acquired in an assortment of sizes, including stones that are under 1-carat alongside jewels that are 1-carat or bigger.

Jeweled Circles

  • Customers can buy jeweled circle pendants that have valuable stones alongside forms produced using outfit gems. The style is straightforward, and the pendant outline will add a great component to generally furnishes.


  • A lock is a pendant that opens and enables the owner to store a valuable photo or thing, for example, a lock of hair or a little bit of texture. While wearing the locket, the owner will approach the stored possession ownership whenever amid the day and from any area.

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