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American Gem Society (AGS)

What is AGS?

The AGS (American Gem Society) prides itself on being the first lab to give precious stone cut evaluations. Sometime before the GIA presented their cut review a couple of years prior, the AGS has been putting forth its exceptional slice review scale from 0 to 9 (with 0 being named “perfect”).

The Society is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside the subsidiary American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) (established in 1996) and the American Gem Society Advanced Instruments Division (established in 2004).

The Society prepares and confirms goldsmiths, gemologists, and gems appraisers. Precious stone reviewing is the claim to fame of the American Gem Society Laboratories and the Society has built up its own particular cut, shading, and clearness gauges.


The AGS was made by Robert M. Shipley. Amid the 1920s, Shipley was working effectively as a gem specialist. Be that as it may, notwithstanding his years in the business, his absence of skill with respect to pearls and adornments was uncovered to him by a couple of his best clients.Lowered by this disclosure, Shipley understood this was a major issue among American gem dealers, one which likely represented a great part of the general population’s doubt for the calling at the time. Shipley lost his gems stores in a separation and went to Europe, where he finished the Great Britain National Association of Goldsmiths gemological correspondence course.He took his recently discovered skill back to Los Angeles, where he established his own preparatory course in gemology on September 16, 1930. For the following couple of years he attempted to advance the requirement for gemological instruction and prepare another type of “affirmed” gem specialists. These goldsmiths would frame the establishment of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA),and later the AGS.

The AGS has accomplished huge achievements inside the field of gemology and gems. Among these is the accompanying:

  • Imagined the business’ first deductively checked on, objective, and repeatable Cut Grade technique.
  • Made the Ideal Cut Grade for Round Brilliant molded jewels, regularly known as the AGS Ideal or the Triple Zero Cut.
  • Offered the business’ first precious stone evaluating reports with a Cut Grade for Princess, Emerald, Oval, and other favor jewel shapes.

Research center administrations

A major piece of the AGS operation comes as AGS Laboratories, which offers research center administrations to individuals from the gems business. Essential among these are their jewel reviewing administrations. Goldsmiths can have their precious stones logically assessed by the Four Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. They are then given a jewel evaluating the report, which can be given to a shopper with a specific end goal to check the nature of the precious stone they are acquiring. Also, American Gem Society Laboratories offers laser engraving administrations. Using a small-scale laser pillar, the research center can engrave a precious stone with a serial number, an organization logo, or other content on the stone. This administration does not influence the nature of the jewel and is by and large performed on the support where it must be seen with an amplification gadget.

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