Bertha Watches

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Bertha Gleisner started her line of planner watches in 1920’s Austria, and her heritage proceeds right up ’til today as every timepiece is painstakingly created for exactness development and perfect excellence.
Bertha Gleisner developed notable lady’s mold amid the 1920’s to shape her own one of a kind style. Bertha was a solid and free lady, and Bertha styles epitomize her inheritance for the present uncommon ladies. Enlivened by timeless styles, Bertha designs make trendsetting outlines for marvelous timepieces and eyewear. The mix of great and contemporary mold shapes a look that is stand-out. Bertha styles are made for the uncommon ones.

Exemplification of notorious lady’s mold and festivity of independence one is equipped for accomplishing are the qualities Bertha Gleisner endeavored to express in her family’s jewelry retailer amid the wanton 1920’s. Today we bear on her heritage with items that emanate contemporary marvelousness. By making new timeless styles with trendsetting plans, Bertha items are created for the uncommon ones.

Bertha Watches

Bertha Watches typify high mold, customary craftsmanship, and extravagance, all meeting up to make deliberately composed and uncommon pieces. The one of a kind Signature gathering highlights unique work of art much like the Cloisonne bits of the past, modernized. The Charmed accumulation enables you to express your distinction. The Classic accumulation pays tribute to long-standing, regular plans. You can even spruce up with our Crystals gathering. With deference for great, timeless styles and steady thoughtfulness regarding new thoughts and patterns, Bertha watches stay important to today and tomorrow’s design.

 4 Types of Bertha Watches Collection

Signature collection – The unique Signature collection features original artwork and timeless styles and constant attention to new ideas and trends.

The Charmed collection -Bertha’s charming collection includes fascinating accents to rouse and express singularity. Each watch has its own beguile with its own significance – bringing good fortune, love, and joy to life.

The Classic collection – When purchasing a watch, the best counsel is to stay with – or if nothing else begin with – the works of art, the classics. They’re works of art on purpose. On the off chance that a plan looked great 30, 40, 50 or more years prior and still looks great today, the odds are despite everything it’ll look really sharp quite a while from now.

Crystals collection – Wear white crystals for more exquisite events, for example, weddings and business. Every one of the three bezels compliments the mother of pearl confronts flawlessly. They are nothing not as much as amazing joined with the fine cowhide ties and cleaned tempered steel case.

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