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JBW is a form mark which principally centers around its imaginative outline as opposed to the customary Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. What’s more, I got the opportunity to state, it’s far excessively costly for a design mark.

Their watches are made of steel, dark steel, and gold-plated steel. In any case, they never uncover the sort of steel they are utilizing, making it difficult to finish up the sturdiness of its material.

The greater part of their watches is just 50m water-safe with a push crown. Which means it’s not prescribed to be submerged in water notwithstanding for a brief timeframe. It’s safe for water sprinkles or in the rain, yet simply that.

The wristbands of their watches that are gold-plated and dark steel might be responsive to other skin composes when interacts with sweat. In this manner, the alluring shading and sparkle may not last longer than anticipated.

With regards to their cowhide ties, most are made of calfskin with a normal quality. It’s undeniable with the look of how the sewing was done and the treatment it experienced. Be that as it may, as most cowhide ties, it must be supplanted no less than at regular intervals.


JBW endeavors to stand separated from the common. They make outlines that have a solid nearness and ooze certainty and power. Their timepieces are made for daring individuals who wish to emerge from the group. Being strong isn’t exactly what they do; it’s their identity.

Set up in 2008, JBW produces a variety of precious stone timepieces. They put stock in making intense moves and that is the thing that our timepieces encapsulate. They center around quality and outline contrasts that you don’t find in a common timepiece — combined with precious stones in each plan we make.

At JBW, They center around making outlines that emerge in the commercial center and speak to another period of extravagance timepieces. Their outlines are made for watch experts and govern breakers who are hoping to raise their amusement by adding a great nearness to their watch gathering. JBW offers an extensive variety of timepieces from the huge, strongly planned watches in their Legacy Collection to the more conservative, downplayed pieces in our Modern Collection. Their three foundation outlines incorporate the announcement making Jet Setter, the famous Phantom (a piece of the principal JBW gathering presented in 2008), and the movement propelled G4. These accumulations are prime cases of the adaptability and selectiveness JBW offers.

JBW history

We are a family organization. In 1950, our first era of family business people went for broke and began offering wristwatch groups and carried Swiss watches to an undiscovered market in India. The business, in the long run, moved to Dubai went genuine and the establishment of Grand Time was laid.

Presently situated in the USA, we are expanding on the past and growing a business that joins our underlying foundations with our interests. Watch exchanging has advanced into a recharged center around mark building and item outline. As we look to the future, our vision is to make a place of brands and a culture that will bloom, keep going and live on for ages to come.

1950 – Abdul Meghani begins offering watch groups in India. A business is conceived…

1952 – Abdul and his sibling, Noorali Meghani are pirating and offering Favre-Leuba and Edox Swiss watches. A little intensity goes far.

1968 – Abdul opens 4 observe retail shops in Dubai. Authenticity goes as far as well.

1984 – Abdul’s child, Akber Meghani goes up against the circulation of Casio Watches in Pakistan, turning into the lead wholesaler in the locale.

1990 – Akber moves to Dallas and starts exchanging and circulating brand name watches in the Texas area. Times of progress.

2005 – Akber formally begins Grand Time. Another time starts.

2006 – Akber’s child and the little girl, Amir, and Shabeena join Grand Time. Multiplying the worker group.

2008 – Amir and Shabeena steer the business from watching exchanging towards possessing mark creation.

Terrific Time’s first image, JBW is built up. A striking advance in building a place of brands.

2009 – Brand #2, Breda ticks to life. Breda’s quick design style puts a stake in the ground pushing Grand Time to end up a pioneer in the form watch space.

2013 – Amir and Shabeena lead the pack at Grand Time. Eyes on what’s to come.

The brand utilizes Japanese quartz development which is exceptionally solid and exact.

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