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Chopard has multiple collections of unique luxurious watches for ladies and gentlemen, carefully crafted in their workshops in Switzerland.

The Scheufele family

Louis Ulysse Chopard established in 1860 in Sonvilier in the Swiss Jura a watch organization, which made high accuracy stash watches and provided them to the Swiss Railway.

Since 1963 the organization with the honorable sounding name is possessed by the German family Scheufele, in light of the fact that Karl Scheufele, a fruitful goldsmith from Pforzheim, gained the conventional business from the then 80-year-old Paul André Chopard. Before Scheufele had promoted watches under his own image “Eszeha”.

In the meantime, the privately-owned company with branches in Geneva, Fleurier, and Pforzheim is a standout amongst the best jewelry and watch producers on the planet. Chopard remains for top-notch jewelry accumulations and uncommon watches, and much accentuation is laid on physical work and a high level of a vertical mix.

Since 1996 Chopard additionally has a different watch make in Fleurier, where the Chopard watches are outlined and fabricated with in-house L.U.C. developments. As per possess articulations the Scheufele family had considered as of now from the mid-1990s to manufacture a different plant for customary items, keeping in mind the end goal to secure genuine authenticity in the zone of Haute Horlogerie. This was currently achieved with the help of the watchmaker Michel Parmigiani and his organization, who were additionally working in Fleurier.

In 2007 the fabricate as of now had 108 workers in 15 unique callings. The 3000 L.U.C. developments every year created and delivered in the fabricate bear the COSC chronometer authentication, as well as gave the seal of the FQF, that speaks to a confirmation which outperforms the COSC testing. Chopard is even an establishing individual from the Quality Association FQF (Foundation Fleurier Quality Award).

Their collections include:

  • Happy Diamonds
  • Imperiale
  • Classic Racing
  • Classic
  • Diamond Watches
  • LUC

Karl Scheufele was persuaded that the organization needed to create its own development as this intended to aquire the assignment of a fabricate. Makers are watchmakers who deliver every one of the segments of thier watches in-house

  • La Strada



In 1996 the firm made its first development which was named LUC to respect Louis Ulysse Chopard. In 1997 the LUC 1860 was picked as the Watch of the year.

  • Tonneau

The development of this watch was an improvement of the 3.96 gauge The state of the development matches the state of the case.

  • Game

In 1999 Chopard made the Sports 2000 This energetic watch had calfskin or elastic tie and a 4.96 bore.

  • Ace One

This model has propelled in 2002 The Pro One is a jumper’s watch. While it stays traditional for its situation it presents specialized developments that allow the watch to be precise even at awesome profundities.

  • Tourbillon

With a LUC 1.02, bore Chopard’s first Tourbillon was propelled in 2003. The formation of this development inferred numerous specialized improvements and a major advance for the brand’s place in the watchmaker business.

  • Regulateur
  • GMT

The GMT is the first inside the LUC line to include a moment time zone. The power hold on this watch is 65 hours.

  • Quattro

These watches were presented available in 2000 with another gauge, the 1.98. They exhibited a 9 days control hold include: Twin  and Specials

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