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Lagos is a subtly held American pearls association. Built up by Steven Lagos in 1977, the brand is known for its decorations craftsmanship and the selective arrangement strategy for completed caviar-like beading. The association has working environments in New York and Bangkok with its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia.

LAGOS is sold in more than 300 stores inside the United States, including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and self-governing diamonds retailers all through the country. The brand’s lead boutique opened in 1994 on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For a long time, Steven Lagos has investigated imaginative roads and delivered notable pieces that reverberate today, like never before, with what a lady anticipates from her gems: faultless quality, simple complexity, and flawlessly made proclamation pieces.

Lagos jewelry plans are exceptionally striking and would suite be able to each age. Other than the exemplary plans they have brought new styles. Individuals adore new and new adornments. Many take a similar plan and change little subtle elements yet the Lagos organization has changed the idea of fine specialty gems. The craftsman utilizes conventional hand cutting for points of interest and electronic apparatus for symmetry and flawlessness. Lagos has made numerous accumulations throughout the years here are the absolute most refreshing ones : Tribeca, Caviar fundamentals, Pave luxury, Columbus circle, Arcadian fog, Pearls, Caviar rouche, Bold gold, Washington square, Glacier luxury, Black Caviar, Lagos man and so on. These accumulations have many hues and are rich in points of interest. As we said before Caviar gathering is the most refreshing accumulation therefor Lagos have made numerous other diverse accumulations with Caviar signature.

Lagos jewelry outlines are very costly yet they are justified regardless of each penny. Their adornments flabbergasts simply through their exceptional outline that is the first took note. Other than the outline there are likewise the unique stones utilized, thus the cost of a Lagos gems cost a little fortune. Famous people have made an enthusiasm for Lagos adornments. Wearing gems implies tastefulness style and feeling of design. Lagos unites every one of these things. As a conclusion, Lagos mark has earned it`s spot on the world`s gems advertise. Many form architects utilize Lagos adornments to frill with their garments particularly on mold appears. Lagos makes likewise couture adornments , in the same astonishing and interesting style. It takes extraordinary vision and ability to have the capacity to make such superb masterpieces.


Lagos gems were established in 1977 by American craftsman and creator, Steven Lagos. At age 17, he met his tutor, a Russian gem specialist, who showed him the significance of adornments art and method. It was then he started taking in “the lessons of old-world craftsmanship” and “the significance of working with the most astounding quality materials.” Steven Lagos established the organization at age 20.

Since 1977, LAGOS has made more than two million pieces. Steven Lagos assesses that he has made 10,000 pieces and 400 to 500 new plans every year.


In 1984, Steven Lagos made the brand’s notable plan, finished sterling silver known as Caviar. This was motivated by the crude material of hematite.

In 1986, Lagos presented sterling silver pieces emphasized by 18-karat gold, semi-valuable gemstones, and caviar-like beading. This gathering united silver and gold in singular pieces without precedent for Lagos history.


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