David Aubrey

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David Aubrey Jewelry

From the time she was a young lady, Jennifer Arago was charmed by the specialty of outline; the way toward taking the most perfect imaginative components and embellishment them into something exceptional. Today, as President and Chief Designer at David Aubrey, she conveys that same energy to each bit of adornments she makes

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer was first charmed by the adornments exchange while going to nursing school during the evening and filling in as an architect’s student by day. This experience was an enlivening of sorts, and she immediately understood that nursing would not fuel her inventive fire an incredible same way. Perceiving her ability, Jennifer’s mom persuaded her to begin an accumulation of her pieces.

In the wake of displaying her work in public expos, Jennifer grabbed the attention of specialists in Atlanta and New York, and David Aubrey Jewelry made its presentation in 1996. Producing $3 million in deals in only a couple of years, she had a disclosure: making adornments was not simply a leisure activity; it was her profession predetermination. At the point when David Aubrey exceeded its first studio in Soho, Jennifer moved her group to a bigger space in Jersey City, which right now fills in as organization central station.

The Jewelry

David Aubrey lines change from sensitive, carefully collected adornments of monochromatic shades to bigger, more energetic pieces. A few accumulations are themed, regardless of whether sentimental, vintage, or craftsmanship deco. Each piece is carefully made with a variety of crude materials, including plated and oxidized metal and white metal, semiprecious stones, vintage glass dots, Indian high-quality glass globules, mother-of-pearl, and cut bone.

The essential motivations behind Jennifer’s outlines are surface and shading. She says, “A large portion of the accumulations begins with one finding that energizes me. I at that point assemble materials that run flawlessly with that first component. The objective is to strike that ideal collaboration of shapes, shades, and surfaces and convey particular and sudden mixes.” In styles running from advanced to offbeat, David Aubrey pieces are ageless—a striking proclamation for the minute and added a long time from now

Jennifer is pleased with the way that her plans are worshipped by everybody from young people to octogenarians: “Individuals value our accumulations not on the grounds that they are popular, but rather on the grounds that each piece is a gem in its own right. For me, that is the best compliment of all.”

David Aubrey has amassed an overall after, sold in Japan, Dubai, South America, Australia, the Caribbean, and crosswise over Europe through stores and inventories, for example, Gilt, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Boston Proper, ASOS, Fenwick, and W Hotels. All pieces are handmade in the U.S. by a gifted craftsman who shares Jennifer’s energy for quality, creativity, and polish.

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