Deepa by Deepa Gurnani

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The Deepa Gurnani mark was imagined in the fantasies and interests of a couple partnership, Deepa and Jay Lakhani. Working intimately with these creators not just empowered Deepa to comprehend couture gauges of value and complete, yet additionally constrained her to try different things with new and surprising beading and weaving systems.


Jay Lakhani, a designer of jewelry, began his preparation at the Fashion Institute in New York City and advanced to work with a portion of the best names in the fine gems industry. He prepared under head fashioners from Tiffany and Bvlgari, where he refined his eye for detail and extravagance. Notwithstanding his adoration for fine jewelry, Jay was constantly attracted to fashion. He longed for consolidating the specialty of fine jewelry with designed accessories, to make simple to-wear gems. He saw a pattern for dark and basic-silhouettes in the commercial center, which he saw as clear campaigns for dazzlingly weaved frill.

Two fashioners teamed up and propelled their mark “Deepa Gurnani”. The pair consolidated their abilities to make a line of special and unmistakable weaved embellishments, which keeps on stunning and motivate fans, season after season. Their first line was propelled at Henri Bendel’s, NYC in November 2006 and in this way sold in different stores over the globe.

Following 10 years in business, the brand has developed from quality to quality in a continually evolving industry. Client desires for flawless craftsmanship and extravagance are ever sought after, anyway, in a testing world economy, there is a developing need to fulfill a more cost cognizant client.

In 2016, Deepa Gurnani propelled two separate extents to fulfill the necessities of our worldwide clients. The second brand ‘Deepa by Deepa Gurnani’ is a more available gathering, making lovely and simple to-wear pieces for all events.

2016 additionally checked Deepa Gurnani’s elite coordinated effort with fashioner and craftsman, Erté. The accumulation comprises of styles motivated by Erté’s sensitive and breathtaking craftsmanship deco look. All Erté styles are hand weaved utilizing Deepa Gurnani’s best systems.

Through today, the most elevated quality guidelines win in all accumulations with no trade-off on the quality and the morals of our workmanship.

Deepa Gurnani is included with charitable exercises all over the world. A part of our benefits is given every year to charity. In the USA, we bolster Expand On which is an association focused on breaking the cycle of poverty, lack of education and low desires through administration and training. We trust that bestowing instruction to the young will improve a world for who and what is to come. We bolster SGI-USA, an association devoted to propelling world peace. We bolster OCA as we trust that it is our principal duty to care for our planet for every future age. In India, we bolster Icha Establishment for stranded kids. The establishment embraces kids that are deserted by most families; youngsters with mental or physical debilitations.

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