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Deb Guyot Designs Studio opened over 10 years back with a mission to make novel bits of gems, for one of a kind ladies. Each piece is composed and made in our studio from hand chosen regular gemstones including Herkimer Diamonds, Turquoise, Pearls, Genuine Diamonds and Drusy.


In the curious old town of Powell, Ohio rests a two-hundred-year-old Colonial school building unweathered by time. Covered up inside this delightful historic point is the studio of Designer Deb Guyot. Much like Deb herself, the studio sparkles with shading and identity. Shown in each corner, from floor to roof, are Deb’s shimmering manifestations.

Deb’s outlines mirror her intimate romance and enthusiasm for gemstones,

Deb Guyot realizes what she prefers and just appreciates making gems for ladies who, similar to the originator herself,

For Deb, planning gems are out and out fun – she appreciates every one of the parts of adornments making and gets exciting out of perceiving how her manifestations can improve a man’s look.

Deb’s essential motivations for her plans are present design patterns combined with the regular shapes and shades of the stones she employments,

Each shading blend, each gem, and each feature is carefully settled on by Deb with an emphasis on the regular excellence of the gemstones – she calls her adornments “muddled flawlessness.” Her outlines are past the normal, yet adaptable and can be worn with easygoing or exquisite outfits. She makes things that will enable the wearer to make it her own particular as an approach to express her own style and identity

Encompassed by her work and skilled group, Deb has unlimited thoughts for new and energizing adornments. Regardless of whether it be the uncommon Herkimer “Jewel” Quartz stones from New York or shake treat shaded pearls from Brazil; her propelled plans that are conceived in this enchanting old school building in Ohio will keep on capturing the core of the present current lady.

Deb Guyot will be the first to state that she had no plans to be a business person. Yet, the Powell mother of three teenagers has ended up on the highest point of the Home Shopping Network’s Silver Gallery top choices, offering her adornments plans.

On one ongoing fragment, in excess of 1,000 bits of a smoky quartz jewelry sold in five quick minutes.

Guyot, a saucy, lively 47-year-old with a wide grin that bounces from the screen, is plainly enthused. “I’m stunned,” she stated, “that I can do what I want to do at the present time, in a way that I need to do it.”

What she cherishes are gemstones and the innovative way she can transform a small heap of delightful precious stones into stand-out gems. In any event, the pieces used to be stand-out. Yet, getting to the at this very moment initially requires an excursion to 2004.

It was then that Guyot, needing to offer a unique bring a home present for her little girl’s eleventh birthday celebration party, figured out how to make arm ornaments. She rapidly wound up scouring stores for strange doodads and globules, salivating over tiger’s eye and turquoise. She instructed herself to make studs and pieces of jewelry, and her leisure activity developed into a costly fixation. “I began with globules, at that point graduated to pearls, precious stones, gemstones,” Guyot said.

A small sack of trinkets could set her back many dollars. All things being equal, she had no plans to offer her manifestations, simply give them as endowments to family and companions. Be that as it may, wherever she went, she heard similar inquiries: “Where did you get your neckband? Would you be able to make one for me?” Eventually, she began saying yes.

Be that as it may, the greatest break came when Guyot’s great companion Suzanne Runyan, who has a show on HSN, wore one of Guyot’s neckbands. Before she knew it, Guyot was a highlighted creator, offering a huge number of pieces per appear. Regardless she wonders about how everything unfurled.

“Isn’t it astounding how God assembles this mammoth baffle?” she inquired. “Discuss the correct place at the perfect time.”

Presently, for HSN, Guyot makes the plan, and an assembling organization produces them. Be that as it may, a few things haven’t changed. Despite everything, she salivates overseeing smoky quartz. Regardless she appreciates taking a seat at her lounge area table and planning new outlines. Also, her test showcase is as yet her kindred football and lacrosse mothers.

She additionally keeps on giving art pieces that aren’t mass-created and offers those from her Powell studio. She savors working with clients to plan custom adornments.

She urges other ladies to be dauntless in seeking after business wanders, with one proviso: “Ensure your heart’s in it,” Guyot stated, grinning. “Since if it’s not, it won’t work.”

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