Diamond Couture

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From regular style to celebrity central chic, Diamond Couture has everything! Every individual piece is handmade and handset with precisely chosen jewels exceptionally slice to bring out the impeccable brightness.

Precious stone Couture Collection fulfills the most impeccable gems taste offering rings, hoops, pendants, Necklaces and Bangles, Bracelets that are certain to wind up the most talked over pieces! You don’t simply cherish your Diamonds Couture gems, you venerate them.

Create an impression that lifts the great precious stone adornments look with persistent, continuous settings that make the figment of a substantially bigger carat weight stone. Abandon it to Diamond Couture to demonstrate the precious stone’s in the points of interest

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

The 4 C’s OF DIAMONDS The 4 C’s of precious stones Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight speak to an arrangement of adornments industry gauges for deciding the review, quality, and estimation of jewels.

Precious stones are accessible in any shading. Be that as it may, most purchasers ask for a precious stone to be as vapid as could be expected under the circumstances. A flat-out lackluster precious stone is uncommon and extremely costly. Most jewels have hints of yellow, dark colored or dim, which confines light reflection. The less shading in a precious stone and the all the more light it reflects will deliver a superior review of shading.

Diamond Couture History

Sima K. begun her adventure out and about of Jewelry and Gems around 35 years back. With her energy for the outline as the primary main impetus, 10 years prior she propelled her first accumulation in the realm of Home Television Shopping Networks and ended up known as “The Queen of Gems”. It shocked no one that individuals began to look all starry eyed at her accumulations and constantly expected best in class outlines at whatever point she showed up on-air.

A couple of years back, she met the designer behind the mystical precious stone group and went gaga for the plan so much that she started dealing with another and one of a kind accumulation. “Diamond Couture” was destined to speak to sovereignty and celebrity lane look and feel at costs that you can really bear.

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