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Diamond bracelets can be worn individually or stacked as multiples of the same bracelet.  It takes a GIA Graduate Gemologist to properly certify the grade of YOUR Diamond.

A single strand of diamonds encircles the wrist like nothing else—it’s an essential accessory that evokes modern simplicity and mid-century opulence all in one. A diamond bracelet is a treasure you can wear, and like diamond stud earrings, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone who loves jewelry.

The word bracelet seeks the Greek word “brachile” signifying “of the arm.” The historical backdrop of the wrist trinket could be followed back thousand of years to the Egyptians where they wore arm enhancements made of bone, wood, and other common materials. Wrist trinkets today are a convention and a fine embellishment for present day ladies.

Fine bracelet could be extremely straightforward being made in an oval or round state of a particular valuable metal like yellow gold. In some Eastern societies, a pile of seven of these is given as a wedding present. More elaborate fine jewel arm ornaments are tremendously wanted with the tennis wrist trinket being the most attractive and is given in Western nations for extraordinary events or to the lady in a wedding set.Diamond tennis bracelets as a rule have jewels of predictable shape that go the distance around. They could be of any shape or shading. There are different sorts of wristband styles accessible, for example, connection, chain, and bangle. Fine jewel arm ornaments, are a staple in a lady’s adornments box and as they are made of valuable materials, they will be immortal and will move toward becoming legacy pieces.

A bracelet is an article that is worn around the wrist. It may be specifically designed for use as jewelry. Bracelets used as jewelry may have a supportive function, such as holding other items of jewelry such as religious symbols or charms.

A diamond bracelet is a piece of jewelry that drapes softly around the wrist. The diamond bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry that provides a shimmering circle of diamonds around the wrist. It is important that a bracelet is comfortable get strong enough to take the abuse that occurs on the wrist of a busy hand.

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Different Types of Diamond Bracelets that we buy:

  • Diamond Bangle Bracelets
  • Diamond Charm Bracelets
  • Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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