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Diamond studs are normally an image that the lady who wears them is cherished and unique to somebody. In any case, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a couple of precious stone studs in the event that you are not in a relationship. They’re frequently given as blessings by relatives or dear companions, so wear your precious stone studs when you need to feel unique, as following a long, hard day at the workplace, or when you will visit family and companions that you haven’t seen for quite a while. They’re additionally extraordinary, straightforward alternatives for formal occasions.

Types of Settings for Diamond Studs

  • White gold stud earrings with prong-set black diamonds and blue sapphires.
  • Bezel-set black diamond stud earrings.
  • Martini-set diamond studs made of platinum.
  • Basket-setting diamond studs made of 14K gold.
  • Crown-setting diamond studs.

Metal Choices for Diamond Stud Settings

  • Yellow Gold
  • While Gold
  • Platinum

Diamond Stud Settings According to How the Stones Are Held:

  • Prong settings hold the diamond with 3 prongs or more (3 and 4 prongs are popular for diamond earrings).
  • Bezel settings hold diamonds with a band of metal that surrounds the stone, fully or partially.

In terms of shape, there are three most common types of earring settings, also referred to as styles:

  • Martini-style settings are shaped like a cone, and their V-shape resembles a martini glass when looked at from the side.
  • Basket-style settings have a flat bottom, and the stones in many of them are set farther from the ear compared with martini-style settings.
  • Crown-style settings are also made with a flat bottom, but their construction is more solid, as they are made with more metal compared with basket-style and martini-style settings.

How to choose better Diamond Studs

1st you need to check first the diamond that you will get the one that can go with countless outfits from casual to formal to the ordinary occasion. They would be perfect in all occasion if you will choose the one that would fit any outfit that you will wear

2nd woman is versatile if they have these diamond it would be hard for them to choose a different one again. It’s a lifetime that they would choose this over and over again.

3rd there are earrings come in several different cuts but the most popular is the “round brilliant” and which is gives you most sparkle for your man.

4th one factor that you should see is the clarity of the diamond, this is really important when shopping around.

5th You should consider buying Man-made or Lab created a diamond. You have to make sure first or find out where the diamonds came from. You can do that by making sure that your diamonds come with a certificate from the GIA. Lab created diamonds this clearly is not obtained by harming a poor miner and just as good as the mined diamonds.

6th The size really matters as well You need to pay attention to the size of the studs. You will see a stylistic difference when you are wearing them on occasion or events.

7th You have to check as well that it will definitely fit your ear, one poor fitting is the one that hangs.

8th A good choice for a wedding day is simple yet elegant on their special day.

9th The color is one of the most important factors that you should check when getting or selling your stud earrings.

10th Be careful you should take a good look at the studs look into the cut because if it has a bad cut it loses their sparkle. No one like or want a dull diamond.

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