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Affinity Diamonds is an Australian claimed. They source the best quality precious stones for their customers, at the most attractive costs. They at that point work with you to outline and make a one of a kind bit of adornments. While they work in jewel wedding bands they additionally plan and offer wedding bands for the lady and prep, and in addition festivity pieces, for example, endlessness rings, studs, wrist trinkets and pendants in the two precious stones and semi-valuable stones. They pride Their selves in giving their customers a close, customized benefit, which they welcome you to encounter for yourselves by reserving for a commitment-free precious stone meeting.

At Affinity Diamonds, they don’t offer, they instruct. They engage their customers with every one of the instruments they have to pick the most lovely precious stone conceivable.

Their expertise, joined with your thoughts and creative energy will guarantee that your ring is an interesting, valuable piece to endure forever.

This top-notch mark is called Affinity since that is the thing that you’ll feel for your precious stone gems each time you wear it. This perfect mix of magnificence, esteem, and quality offer the wearer fine common precious stones in popular settings at moderate costs, sponsored by a requesting quality-confirmation process.


It’s about the stone – the wedding band that is. Regardless of whether it will be an amazement, or you choose the ring together, this will be the most noteworthy bit of gems you ever give or get. So it’s best to hit the nail on the head the first run through!

Wedding bands have been utilized to mean prearranged engagement for many years. It communicates love, loyalty, guarantee and is an augmentation of the wearer’s identity.

Being the hardest normally happening mineral, precious stones are the undeniable decision for a wedding band, both emblematically and for all intents and purposes. In representative terms, the precious stone is relatively difficult to crush – it goes about as a seal for the quality of the relationship. In viable terms, a precious stone is basically the best decision for a ring that will be worn each day. It is relatively difficult to chip, is impervious to warmth, synthetic concoctions and the general wear and tear of regular day to day existence. A jewel very much administered to will look as great in 50 years time as the day it was first worn.


Very nearly half of the world’s jewels begin from mines on the African mainland, with other noteworthy stores found in Russia, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. There has been a lot of discussion as of late finished the exchange strife precious stones from mines controlled by progressive gatherings and organizations utilizing kid work in African nations. While some worldwide precious stone companies and providers keep on supporting this exchange, at Affinity, they ensure all jewels to be sans struggle and sourced from entirely controlled areas through countries that are a signatory to the United Nations Kimberly Process


As opposed to portraying the state of a stone, slice alludes to the extent, symmetry splendor and clean of a precious stone. This implies the precious stone shaper has considered the inborn attributes of every individual stone and picked the most ideal approach to shape it to complement its excellence.

It is exceptionally basic to know precious stone life systems before an understanding cut.

Breadth: A width of a jewel estimated through the Girdle.

Table: The biggest aspect of a gemstone.

Crown: The best bit of a jewel stretching out from the Girdle to the Table.

Support: The convergence of the Crown and Pavilion which characterizes the edge of the precious stone.

Structure: The base part of a precious stone, reaching out from the Girdle to the Culet.

Culet: Feature at the tip of a gemstone. The favored Culet isn’t unmistakable with an unaided eye (evaluated “none” or “little”).

Profundity: A precious stone gets its splendor and sparkle by the cutting and cleaning of its features, permitting the greatest measure of light that enters through its best to be reflected and scattered back through the best.

A cut has the following 3 components:


The cut is the evaluation of the precious stone’s aspects and the capacity of these to transmit light and shimmer. A jewel cut by shape portrays the blueprint of the stone an example of the feature game plan. Did you realize that more than 75% of all jewels sold are round splendid cut?

The most well known and stylish shapes are characterized as:

  • PEAR
  • OVAL


The Round Brilliant Cut precious stone is the most customary and prominent of all the jewel shapes. Numerous specialists consider this shape perfect for a precious stone since it boosts its radiance. It has 58 aspects: 1 table, 8 bezel features, 16 upper-support aspects on the crown, 8 structure aspects, 16 bring down support aspects, and ordinarily a culet on the structure. This state of a jewel is most ordinarily utilized in solitaire precious stone wedding bands.


Second just to the round splendid precious stone in ubiquity is the square-formed princess cut jewel. Initially protected as the Quadrillion precious stone, this flexible shape can remain solitary as a solitaire, or put forth a genuine expression with bear complements or a jewel set band. The perfect princess slice will have the length to width proportion is as near 1.00:1.00 as would be prudent, as princess cut precious stones can run from this ideal square through to relatively rectangular. While picking a princess cut jewel, be watchful for supports which are to a great degree thin and can be inclined to chipping.


The Emerald Cut jewel is a square or rectangular molded stone with cut corners. This is otherwise called Step Cut since it has columns of features, as a rule, 48 to 50, that takes after a staircase. Because of it’s bigger, more open table, this shape features the clearness of a precious stone yet with fewer aspects brings less splendor than alternate shapes.


The Pear Cut precious stone is frequently called a tear because of its single point and adjusted end with 56 to 58 aspects. This shape is famous for its uniqueness and brightness. Pear Shape precious stone is generally utilized in pendants and furthermore a decent decision for a hand with little fingers.


The Radiant Cut is a rectangular or square stone with cut corners. This shape accompanies 62 to 70 features and offers the style of the emerald shape with the splendor of the princess shape. Trimmed corners are the mark of this shape, and they help to make the brilliant cut a well known and adaptable decision for gems. Precious stones with brilliant shape look great when embellished with rolls or round side stones.


The Marquise Cut is a conventional shape having lengthened closures at the two edges. The pointed finishes make this shape the most delicate and the most costly of splendid style cuts. It has a sum of 56 features, development of which requires a ton of experience and the delicacy of its sharp focuses requests most extreme precautionary measure. These days this shape is extremely prominent for wedding bands.


Cushion Cut precious stones are otherwise called “cushion cut” jewels. This shape going from square to rectangular and it has adjusted corners and bigger features to expand its splendor. These bigger features additionally feature the diamond”s clearness.


The human heart is a definitive image of affection and the Heart Cut is viewed as the most sentimental of the considerable number of shapes. The Heart molded precious stone is basically a pear-formed jewel with a separated at the best and it regularly contains 59 features. Because of the multifaceted nature of the shape, talented slicing is important to keep up the precious stone’s brightness. For the most part, individuals lean toward a heart shape precious stone for wistful purposes. This shape is generally utilized in pendants, yet in addition appropriate for most adornments things.


The Oval Cut is additionally a wonderful shape and gives awesome splendor and fire through its 56 aspects. A well cut Oval molded jewel can be nearly as splendid as a well-cut Round Brilliant formed a precious stone.


The Asscher Cut is an adjusted variant of the Emerald Cut. This shape is named after Joseph Asscher of Holland who was a famous jewel shaper. In 1902, his organization, Asscher Diamond Co., created and protected the Asscher Cut, a squarer advance cut with a relatively octagonal framework. This new cut improved the fire and light of the stone; it had a little table, a high crown, wide advance features, a profound structure and square culet.


The Trilliant Cut is one of the strange cuts and the precious stone with this shape shows a sharp brightness or fire. This triangular molded precious stones may either have pointed corners or more adjusted corners.


With legitimate carving, the light goes through the best, bobs off the sides, and after that movements pull out the best, giving the precious stone ideal brightness. In the event that the precious stone is cut too profound, a light goes through the side of the jewel. On the off chance that the jewel is cut excessively shallow, the light goes through the base of the precious stone, likewise repressing greatest brightness.

An ineffectively cut jewel will do not have the gloss and shine of its top-notch cut partners, and hence, ace precious stonecutters will frequently forfeit carat weight to enhance the cut of a stone.


Clean and symmetry are two vital parts of the cutting procedure. The precious stone clean communicates the smoothness of the jewel’s aspects while the symmetry alludes to the arrangement of the features. A poor jewel clean, or harsh features, can reduce a precious stone’s splendor, and in addition its esteem

Polish & Symmetry

polish and symmetry are reviewed under 10x amplification they can both affect the general appearance of a jewel. Clean alludes to the nature of the precious stone’s surface and incorporates such highlights as scratches, clean lines, and scraped areas. Symmetry alludes to the exactitude of the shape and arrangement of the features.

The clean and symmetry grades are recorded on every precious stone’s detail page and inside their going with GIA or AGSL jewel evaluating the report.

GIA grades clean and symmetry as Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G)

AGSL grades clean and symmetry as Ideal (ID), Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G)

Adiamor doesn’t convey precious stones with clean and symmetry evaluations of Fair (F), Poor (P)

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