Betty Carre

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Born in Brazil, Betty has dependably been workmanship driven. Her affection for expressions came at a youthful age where she took up piano exercises at 4 years old and painting at 8 years old. She expanded her viewpoints when she moved to the United States and began an independent company planning and bringing in costume jewelry from her local nation.
To stay aware of the dynamic fashion industry, Betty consolidates her broad going to the design focuses of the world and her capacity to talk a few dialects to catch new patterns that rouse her to make her one of a kind gathering. Today, Betty’s designs are sold everywhere throughout the United States, South America, Europe, the Center East, Japan and Australia.

Subsequent to presenting her collections at different expos in USA and Europe they quickly grabbed the eye of boutiques around the world.
She moved to the US and began an independent company designing and bringing in jewelry from her local nation. Her custom and carefully assembled pieces are presently sold around the world. She will likely consistently search for motivations and new patterns to offer the best in fashion jewelry. Her interesting 18K gold and silver clad, nickel free manifestations are oftentimes called, a piece of art that combines elegance and sensuality, and has charmed the eyes of the most refined ladies. Festoon dependably has Betty Carré Jewelry in stock. Her featherweight studs are a top choice! Betty Carré is a designer, producer, and distributor of fashion jewelry and frill items sold on in excess of 35 nations. With a specific end goal to keep our clients or customer in fashion, we travel to the fashion capitals of the world to catch the new patterns and give the most recent styles in jewelry. Bright, colorful but then advanced jewelry collection.

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