King Baby Jewelry

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Mitchell Binder puts stock in changing the normal into something new and one of a kind, conveying inventiveness and particular points of interest to craftsman items.

With certainty, magnetism and a nonconformist state of mind, he keeps on making plans that encapsulate America with shake n’ move sex appeal. He trusts that quality and conventions are extremely valuable. This is his driving guarantee for King Baby.


In the 1970’s, when Mitchell was an adolescent he moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles. It was when music mirrored a soul of optimism and newly discovered flexibilities. Melodic craftsmen like Hendrix, Joplin and The Dead governed the wireless transmissions. As Mitchell puts “it was the ‘Mid year of Love’ and my brain was formally blown.”

At 15, Mitchell turned into a diamond setter’s student and presently started outlining without anyone else. With his trademark charming identity, he before long made the correct contacts and rapidly turned into the ‘go-to goldsmith’ for Hollywood.

Formally propelling King Baby in 2000, Mitchell has kept on increasing current standards with regards to outline and carefully assembled quality. Lord Baby has leader store areas in Santa Monica, Nashville, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, West Hollywood and more than 10 lead stores in China. We keep on making our pieces in the USA and have turned out to be one of only a handful couple of organizations to trade USA merchandise to China.

King Baby

King Baby works of art are enlivened by Mitchell’s beneficial encounters. His mom’s rose garden, his scandalous close relative from New Orleans, the narrative of a client’s craving to memorialize his grandma’s lifetime benefit in the military or the insane universe of a stone n’ move big-name customer, each piece holds a unique implying that contacts the spirit and is everlastingly slick.

Ruler Baby is intended for gems devotees who value the esteem and craftsman items. These exceptional pieces encapsulate America with shake n’ move sex request.

Lord Baby famous pieces like the conventional MB Cross, the heart pendant, and the rose and wing rings are pieces that disclose to one’s story. Skulls and lions, blades and cuffs, all put forth the intense expression “For the Chosen Few”.

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