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Michael Anthony Jewelers

Their Corbo family, Michael Anthony Jewelers has a long history in precious stones and gems that began in Naples. Their Great Grandfather conveyed the family exchange to Newark, NJ and set up their ‘underlying foundations’ in the adornments business in North Jersey. Michael Corbo Sr. opened the Willowbrook store in Wayne, NJ in 1969. In 1978, he spread out from Corbo Jewelers and established Michael Anthony Jewelers. Expanding on the achievement of their Willowbrook store, They opened their second area in West Caldwell, NJ. Amid this time, Michael Corbo Jr. was taking the stores to the following level by assembling and making their very own large number of pieces. They are presently the third era family claimed and worked adornments store with 2 areas in Wayne and West Caldwell, NJ. Their stores offer a variety of great styles and mold forward gems. As a free family run business, They can give amazing, esteem, and brilliant client benefit. Michael Anthony Jewelers prides itself on quality, genuineness, and respectability.


Michael Anthony Jewelers was established by two young fellows in 1977 from New York City: Michael Paolercio, the new organization’s leader and CEO, and his more youthful sibling Anthony Paolercio, Jr., head working officer. Together, the Paolercios wanted to set up a national adornment fabricating concern known for the quality and estimation of its stock.

Achievement and development rushed to discover Michael Anthony. The organization’s net deals developed from $18.8 million of every 1983 to $60.6 million out of 1986, while net salary ascended from $985,000 to $5.9 million amid this period. The organization opened up to the world in October 1986, earning about $10.5 million in continues from the offer of in excess of 30 percent of the extraordinary offers of basic stock.

In 1987 assembling and pitching its items to in excess of 1,200 clients all through the United States. In excess of 10,000 retail outlets were conveying its product offering, which incorporated a wide assortment of high-quality 14-karat gold gems. The main line of around 2,000 styles of charms and pendants represented 58 percent of net deals in monetary 1987. These charms and pendants included religious images; prominent platitudes sports topics and group logos; creature themes; seashore, nautical, melodic, western, zodiac and other topical figures; initials; and unique imaginative manifestations. The organization’s rings were second as far as the level of Michael Anthony deals.

Amid this time, the organization endeavored to end up a trailblazer in its industry. In financial 1987 Michael Anthony Jewelers acquainted with its assembling procedure a photograph carving strategy, empowering the organization to design synchronous drawing on both adornments sides that was more finely point by point than conceivable with the throwing, or lost-wax, technique. This enabled the organization to enter the lower-estimated portion of the 14-karat gold gems showcase through a generation of ultralight gems, albeit under three percent of the organization’s deals were gotten from such items amid the following three years. For threw product offerings, the organization started CAD/CAM PC supported innovation to make a metal shape that offered essential points of interest over ordinary trim methods.

Michael Anthony Jewelers likewise guaranteed to have spearheaded in the precious stone cut process, a system that delivers a shimmering impact on a completed bit of gold adornments.

Enca Industries Ltd., a maker and advertiser of in excess of 1,200 styles of hoops at a cost of $925,000 was obtained by Michael Anthony Jewelers In July 1987. After two months, the organization procured the working resources of M.J. Assembling Co., Inc., a maker of rope chain together with a patent for apparatus to make this chain, for about $4 million. An auxiliary, M.A.J. Assembling, utilizing the advantages procured from M.J. Assembling, started fabricating 12 styles of 14-karat gold rope chains, 65 styles of outlined gold tubing, and ten styles of bangle spaces utilized as a part of the creation of bangle wrist trinkets. The organization likewise was bringing in 14 karat gold chains from Italy, and these foreign made chains represented a portion of the net deals in monetary 1988.

The permitting of well-known images and characters additionally turned into methods for extending the organization’s product offering. Michael Anthony Jewelers’ product offering included authorized merchandise under plans with so many gatherings as the U.S. Olympic Committee, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Playboy. The organization paid an eminence extending from six to 7.5 percent of offers for the privilege to portray the prevalent logos and images related to these licensors on adornments items, especially charms, pendants, and pins. Authorized items, presented in 1985, came to around four percent of the organization’s net deals in monetary 1987.

Michael Anthony Jewelers had its official and assembling offices in Mount Vernon, around 15 miles outside of New York City. The organization kept up a showroom and deals workplaces in a building it possessed on West 46th Street in Manhattan and opened a showroom at the Los Angeles International Jewelry Center in monetary 1987. It was sold to such huge retail chains as Sears, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Montgomery Ward, J.C. Penney, and Zale’s in 1988. The organization’s requirement for gold was being filled through a relegation course of action with Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank that moved the danger of changes in the cost to this bank. In consequent years Michael Anthony made comparable game plans with different banks and with nonbank organizations.

Michael Anthony Jewelers in 1997

In 1997 Michael Anthony Jewelers was putting forth an expansive choice of high-quality gold and silver adornments. A significant number of its items conveyed the organization’s “Mama” trademark. The M.A.J. fabricating division was fabricating gold rope chain and gold secures utilized as a part of the creation of the rope chain. It was additionally planning gold tubing and bangle spaces utilized as a part of the generation of bangle armlets. Another assembling division, M.A.E., was making gold hoops and certain discoveries used to gather gems. The organization was additionally fabricating a line of men’s and women’s 14-karat gold watches, beginning at $499, under the “Michael Anthony” mark name. The America Sapphire Collection incorporated a wide choice of rings, hoops, arm ornaments, pendants, and accessories in a variety of hues. Costs began at $79.95.

In monetary 1997 the organization made around 95 percent of its items from gold bullion and other crude materials and bought the rest as semi-completed or completed merchandise. Threw items represented around 44 percent of offers; chains for 43 percent; studs for five percent; and different things for eight percent.

Offers of authorized items represented around 11 percent of net deals in monetary 1997. Michael Anthony’s “character” Jewelry comprised of the Peanuts, Cathy, Looney Tunes, and Playboy accumulations; sports gems was separated into the Collegiate accumulations, National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball. The organization was presently paying a sovereignty going from six to 12 percent on offers of authorized items.

Michael Anthony Jewelers was all the while promoting and offering its adornments fundamentally through its in-house deals drive. The organization kept up a showroom in Mount Vernon, made direct introductions at clients’ areas, and advanced its items using lists, ads in exchange productions, public exhibition displays, and agreeable publicizing remittances with specific clients. It additionally started a battle of publicizing in customer magazines and pitching to specific retailers an exceptionally chose and bundled line of gold gems, including watches, under the “Michael Anthony” name.

Michael Anthony Jewelers was shipping its items in mass to discount merchants. For certain retail chains, for example, Sterling Jewelers, Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Zale’s, Service Merchandise, and Kmart, the organization prepackaged and cost labeled most things, at that point dispatched a request of various things to circulation focuses and stores in the chain. Michael Anthony’s two biggest clients in monetary 1997, Sterling and Wal-Mart, represented 13 and 12 percent of net deals, individually. Notwithstanding gems chain stores, rebate stores, retail chains, and wholesalers, the organization was offering its items essentially to inventory retailers and TV home-shopping systems.

The Paolercio siblings were still Michael Anthony Jewelers’ central investors in May 1997. Anthony Paolercio, Jr., held 15.45 percent of the organization’s normal stock, and Michael Paolercio held 13.55 percent.

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