ASA Jewelry

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Asa Soltan is known for her fearless and extravagant Style and particularly known for wearing her glorious kaftans and turbans on BRAVO’s hit show Shahs of Sunset. She is also famous for her outrageous jewelry.

Asa is exceptionally enthusiastic about kaftans and turbans and propelled her Luxe Kaftan line in September 2014. We are quickly and affectionately developing. Asa Kaftans is a privately-owned company and their studio is situated in lovely Venice Beach California.

ASA Jewelry

Asa Kaftans remains for the total excellence of ladies. ALL ladies. We trust that our excellence is in our decent variety. Wonderful ladies come in all skin hues, religions, body shapes, and ages. Our proverb has dependably been: Beauty, Confidence, Glamor. At the point when ladies wear an Asa Kaftan, they generally say they feel so lovely and impressive. Also, this is our motivation throughout everyday life.

Asa needed to offer ladies a really wonderful and breathtaking Luxe Kaftan to feel and look Amazing in. We trust that genuine fabulousness should likewise be agreeable in light of the fact that that is the point at which we feel most pure and wonderful.

Since antiquated circumstances, ladies in faraway terrains have been decorating themselves in lavish Kaftans. Indeed, even in the US, in the period of genuine Glamor, Elizabeth Taylor and so forth wore kaftans to Glam relax. Asa needs to bring that genuine intriguing Glamor once more into our lives and make this non-whine Glamor available to all ladies.

World voyager, tramp stream setter, Super glitz world national Asa Soltan has been so motivated by the entirety of her trips far and wide so she named every single one of her Luxe kaftans after the uncommon spots she has gone to, is roused by and worn an excellent kaftan in. Actually, Asa Kaftans is taking travel chic to the following level the same number of the prints are reflections of hues from Asa’s open travel photograph diary. She voyages, photos her trip, at that point plans prints roused by these scenes and photos.

Asa’s reasoning in all that she makes is brain, body, and soul. Your Style is an expansion of your identity. Push your limits lady and locate your intrepid style! Be as Glamorous as you need to be. Asa Kaftans is tied in with engaging ladies by praising their magnificence and bringing simple Glamor into their lives.

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