ALOR Jewelry

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About ALOR Jewelry
Set up in 1979 and situated in California, ALOR plans extravagance hardened steel, 18-karat gold, and precious stone adornments. Architect and Chairman, Jack Zemer, and ALOR President Sandy Zemer display a coordinated effort of ageless, yet present day adornments. The family-possessed business is focused on ladies. The ALOR organization motto says everything “Better late than never, it’s about me” and reverberates with the advanced lady of today.

The ALOR Design Philosophy
With every gathering, ALOR catches its center plan reasoning: easygoing effortlessness meets high-form polish. Sidney Thomas exhibits a few ALOR accumulations including Classique, Noir, and Kai. The Classique accumulation presents female enchant with an edge. The Noir Collection idealizes the rudiments of design’s most noteworthy fundamental: the shading dark. The intricacy of fine outline and the lively simplicity of wear found in the Kai “wave” gathering are the pith of the restrictive ALOR strategy for shaping tempered steel into waves.

California conceived fine gems and watch mark planning extraordinary joint efforts of high quality 18 karat gold, tempered steel, and precious stones. Looking for motivation from the engineering of Southern California’s indigenous habitat, with accentuation on development, measurement and adaptability – easygoing straightforwardness and high mold style is the sign of each ALOR plan.

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