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For over 20 years, Bey-Berk International has made and hand-chose interesting endowments and embellishments from around the globe to meet the requests of perceiving clients. With its line of rich and particular items, Bey-Berk has set up itself as a pioneer in extravagance embellishments.

In 1981 two distant relatives Kurken Berksanlar and Serop Beylerian consolidated their feeling of imagination and a sharp comprehension of materials to offer inventive items both for the home and the workplace and built up Bey-Berk International. From that point forward, Bey-Berk has developed from a solitary opening clock to a list containing upwards of 2’000 SKU’s going in different classifications.

Bey-Berk’s responsibility to persistently create results of brilliant outline and unrivaled craftsmanship, while keeping up exceedingly aggressive costs, keeps on being the main impetus behind the Company’s prosperity. Bey-Berk’s logic is to grow long-standing business associations with every single client, by giving magnificent client administration and reliability.

History of a Jewelry box

Adornments have been worn by people since the Stone Age and gems boxes have been around since the antiquated period. The historical backdrop of the gems box can go back hundreds of years. Adornments boxes were initially known as “gem coffins.” Throughout the ages, gems boxes have been composed and created by gifted skilled workers. The early gem coffins were made out of metal, and completed with gold, silver, copper, and ivory. They were significant things, in themselves, even without the adornments inside them.

The Industrial Revolution started the idea of large-scale manufacturing. It empowered the white collar class of the general public to buy beautifying things like the adornments box alongside other basic wares. This was conceivable as gems boxes could be made in mass and the cost associated with the large-scale manufacturing was less. The crates ended up moderate for a developing white collar class that was beginning to get a preference for lavish items.

From 1904 to 1918, there was a staggering large-scale manufacturing of adornments boxes. In this time, gold and silver boxes were exceptionally normal. Silver-plated boxes are considered as antique gems boxes and are exceptionally uncommon. Different kinds of antique gems boxes incorporate the trinket boxes that have dedicatory artistic or photograph circles. There is likewise the ivory completed boxes. Thought they were outlined later, they are elusive. Their completions were to a great degree solid. Consequently, these antique gems boxes may at present be passed down the family ages.

In the main long periods of the Twentieth Century, American ladies longed for the styles of the world’s huge urban communities and could get the satisfaction of this desire in the famous mail to arrange inventories of the day. Adornments boxes turned into a prominent “mold” buy via the post office arrange an exchange. Gems stores conveyed the crates too.

These days, adornments boxes are more than insignificant spots to store gems. Gems box has been known as a dazzling bit of enhancement utilized by ladies with their sorts of gems to excellence ladies’ life.

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