Stephanie by Stephanie Kantis

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The story of Stephanie Kantis Jewelry

It was amid the mid-year of 2010 that Stephanie Kantis wound up in the core of a little Mexican town leaving on her unforeseen, next enormous experience, adornments architect. After almost two decades were spent as an inside architect developing her eponymous plan firm and retail locations in Dallas, Texas, it was this urgent point in the mountains of focal Mexico that would change everything.

With a powerful urge for both investigation and an existence change that would empower her to return to her craftsman roots, Stephanie and her better half put a stop on her next huge insides venture, arranged an escape from the everyday administration of her business, and consented to high-tail it to Mexico for the late spring to inundate themselves in another culture.

With the excellence of the memorable, Spanish frontier town, and the sentiment of a town moving at a pace where one can even now commend life’s day by day minutes, they wound up ending up made up for lost time in the sentimental way of life and lived there for almost two years. Stephanie filled her days with investigating the town, Mexican cooking classes, workmanship classes, and earthenware production, however, it was in mold classes, while working with bronze, that it wound up evidence that her littler manifestations were extraordinary, and to her joy were enticingly wearable. Cherishing nature, she started to decorate her pieces with the world’s collection of semi-valuable stones and started dunking the bronze in gold. As her concentration turned out to be clear, an adornments gathering was conceived.

Under a half year into making the wearable, “craftsman forms,” an open door for a humble introduction in 2011 with Neiman Marcus ended up being a major hit from the beginning. Presently, back in the U.S., this Palm Beach-based adornments accumulation’s prominence has soar inside five short a long time to more than one hundred retail stores across the nation.

Stephanie is energetic about imbuing assorted variety and culture into her image. She is continually testing herself to advance her accumulations to mirror her consistently evolving reality. Venturing to the far corners of the planet and finding new methods and materials that mirror the general population who possess it, makes for quite a bit of her outline motivations.

Stephanie Kantis adornments have been highlighted in the article pages of Allure, Town, W, Vogue, Glamor, Town and Country, O magazine, Instyle and Harper’s Bazaar. The brand is regarded to have a VIP following and in addition various steadfast customers around the globe.

In a proceeded with reaction to her customers ask for around the globe, Stephanie Kantis propelled Kantis Fine Jewelry and Kantis Couture Gems in Fall 2017 denoting a now more hoisted level of configuration work involving strong 18K Gold and additionally Sterling Silver and Precious Gems.

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