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More than 20 years back, proprietor, fashioner and have Jay King started his deep-rooted adornments travel by pitching Native American outlines to help pay his way through school.

He later turned into a host on HSN for a show called “Santa Clause Fe Silver.” After encountering a significant achievement, he kept on offering the southwestern outlines and later started to make his own line. Inside his plans, he needed to offer the stone marvels of the world he found while voyaging. This line, “Mine Finds by Jay King” has turned out to be one of HSN’s most famous shows. As a stone dog and ace architect, Jay has acquainted new stones with the retail open.

“I cherish what I do. Consistently is an enterprise; it is stunning what nature accommodates us. On the off chance that you simply stop for a minute and envision what magnificence may lie underneath a rough surface or generally ordinary looking development, the potential outcomes are perpetual. I am honored to seek after my interests while sustaining my spirit.”

The Journey Of Jay King’s Jewelry


They travel the globe seeking out unusual and hard to find stones, often never seen before in jewelry.
They buy directly from the miner and often select and purchase at the mining site.
They have their materials tested by the GIA for identification and mineral composition.
Their long history of creating relationships with miners has resulted in a vast worldwide network of mines and materials for use in their designs.
Their design process often centers around the stone, allowing the materials unique qualities to dictate the end result of the cabochon size and shape, bead cut selection and silver setting details.
Their operational hub is located in Albuquerque, NM where the entire process both begins and ends.
Silversmiths bring the vision to reality by creating beautiful silver settings, cutting and carving stones and ensuring they can produce every item to meet our quality standards.
The silver sheet and wire used in the production of their designs are made in the USA, to their specifications, by a long-standing premier partner of theirs who has been in business for over 103 years providing socially and environmentally responsible products and services.
their designs created in Albuquerque, the custom sheet, and wire, along with the rough stone material, are shipped overseas for production in some cases and in others, they are produced here in the USA.
All of their items are marked with our parent company trademark, the silver fineness of .925 and a COO stamp that reflects where the item was produced.
If an item is marked China it means it was produced in China by artisans who follow the design pattern that was created by their in-house silversmiths in Albuquerque. The stone(s) in the design could have been mined anywhere in the world so this is fully disclosed in the details of the item on HSN.com.
Many of their stones are simply cut and polished because their natural hardness allows for this and the end result is one that the wearer doesn’t need to be concerned about any aspects of the stone changing over time. However, some other natural materials require “stabilization” prior to cutting and polishing.

Turquoise has long been their signature stone and one of the foundations we have built our brand on. They have remained true to their brand and continued the tradition of using only genuine turquoise in their designs and are committed to this for the future. They know you expect to cherish your turquoise items for many years, so their turquoise is stabilized using the process endorsed by the GIA to protect it from lotions, soaps and other chemicals that will change its appearance. This process is an additional step they take to ensure the long-lasting beauty of your genuine turquoise items.
The same folks here in the USA that developed the stabilization process also developed a process known as “compressing.” Turquoise mining yields many sizes of the rough material or “chalk” as it is referred to in the industry. If all a turquoise miner could sell was chalk that was at least as large as your fist, two things would happen; turquoise would be so expensive they could not afford it and the miner would go out business. So in a collective effort to help the USA, and eventually worldwide turquoise industry, the intelligence and creativity of the folks here in the US that developed the stabilization process and the miners at the time, tested and developed a process that utilizes extreme hydraulic pressure at the time the stabilization material is introduced to the turquoise chalk, which makes small fingertip size pieces of turquoise chalk mold together into one larger piece. This process is also endorsed by the GIA and when a material such as this is used in our items it is disclosed as being “compressed/stabilized.” Thus affording the wearer the same piece of mind for long-standing color and beauty by being protected from chemicals that would harm the natural turquoise before it was stabilized.

All of their creations have been on a journey before they find it’s forever home with you. We hope you find beauty in not only the stones and stylings of our items but also in the “connection” they provide you to the earth and everyone from around the world who feels blessed to have helped bring it to you.

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