Marco Marchese

a week ago

Have never been there, but I have heard of it's good and reasonable reputation. I intend on writing or emailing some pictures of my collectable items for appraisal and maybe selling, or trading them for something else I want!.?. This would save me a lot of time and mileage on my vehicle, being so far on the S/E Sunrise mountain area.. I'm elderly and disabled and don't drive too much or know the roads that well.. Ozzy M.♿🇺🇸.

David B.


I had some precious metal that I was holding on to and needed some quick cash for the Holidays and Nevada Coin Mart quoted what I thought was a fair price and so I went and visited the store. I will go back for sure.

Greg Tesnow

13 September, 2021

Neil Sackmary is a great guy I don't understand the negative reviews, they will buy your goods if they can and if they can't don't get mad at the owner! people say they are rude but you can tell they are smart and have there stuff together, He has taken the time to be a more than a gentleman to me more than once and go out of his way to make me feel welcome, even entertain my request to play guitar for him, he has always been a gentleman to me and also gave me money when I was in a pinch and needed to sell, When I pay my car insurance and see his commercials and see always a different color Lamborghini it motivates me to work hard like my grandpa started Mahoneys drum shop I like local small business and Neil is a great guy, I can understand why some losers are jealous, thanks for always making me feel welcome!

Tracy M


The very best in Las Vegas to sell gold , coins ,fashion jewelry and silver. **** is always courteous , very knowledgeable and friendly .Always a pleasure to visit and sell .Thanks for being one of the best businesses in Las Vegas !

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