La Mer Watches

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was made from a longing to deliver carefully assembled, delightful yet cunning pieces made in America, enlivened by the shade of movement and enterprise, and established in the opportunity of articulation. Each piece is made with close scrupulousness as we take pride in making quality pieces that are reasonable, chic and a great deal of enjoyable to wear.

What’s more, everything started in 2001 when Martine Ilana adopted a profound strategy to make the first wrap watch with a bit of purple-heart wood, a mallet, and some Italian cowhide.

As La Mer developed we began shooting our lookbooks on the area, and sourcing calfskin, materials and crude materials from everywhere throughout the world. From the lively markets of South Africa to precious stones from Brazil, joining components from over the globe to make a watch, was our objective.


The leader and author of la mer collections timepieces is Martine Ilana. Martine Ilana has been planning la mer collections timepieces since 2001 and has developed its following to both residential and global. In the wake of living and filling in as a planner and merchandiser in four noteworthy urban communities (Cape Town, New York, Boulder, and Los Angeles) in 2009 she re-propelled La Mer Collections’ online store and site and made an adjustable high-quality watch DIY include that typifies both the idea of a trinket yet stays consistent with the central organization estimations of configuration roused by the shade of movement and workmanship.

Martine Story

She started her expressive arts training at a foundation called Cranbrook Kingswood, which was established in the Arts and Crafts development. There is such an incentive in a carefully assembled thing – it is close difficult to coordinate this sort of detail, shading, and execution in a mass market creation run.

When She established La Mer in 2001 She was making the watches by hand without anyone else. She needed to make something that was one of a kind and had this visual and masterful incentive for a bigger market. As the organization has developed, having their items be carefully assembled what encourages them to emerge from the majority of alternate watches in the market. It is imperative that their clients realize that they are carefully assembled in California and encapsulate the California way of life – there are a couple of squares from the shoreline, their watches are brilliant, advanced, and are motivated by the possibility of an investigation.

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