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Rumba is the contemporary frill organization planning the covetable pieces you need to wear.

What time is it? It’s Rumba Time! What’s more, what precisely is Rumba Time? Rumba Time is a watch organization begun by Joe Anto, Drew Deters, and Jay Hartington. This trio of school closest companions share an energy for enterprise and revelation, and as per their site, “started with the straightforward thought of setting aside a few minutes stay aware of your life, rather than the different way”.

Rumba Time sets aside a few minutes weightless with silicone watches that vibe like a second skin. Their site demonstrates photographs of the rich and acclaimed donning these form forward watches, yet beginning at just $14, these watches are promptly accessible for the normal customer.

At their plan studios in NY + LA, they don’t take after patterns – they anticipate and characterize them. Supplemented by flawless usefulness, the greater part of their watches are novel, in vogue and fun.

Each Rumba extra is motivated by NY + LA, worked with affection, and made to stay aware of your a la mode life.

Their Founders

Drew Deters and Jay Hartington, two closest companions rejoined in New York City, propelled RumbaTime in 2009. Filled by their mutual energy for experience, plan and excellent timepieces, they chose to make an elegant, fun and remarkable watch organization roused by the city they lived in. Every one of RumbaTime’s accumulations right up ’til today is named after notorious roads and regions of New York, and convey a similar energy and uplifted level of style you find in these dynamic neighborhoods.

Today, Drew and Jay is still closest companions. Alongside their group, they keep on being enlivened by New York City and devoted to planning awesome, sleek watches you will love.

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