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Albert Wittnauer was a Swiss immigrant who touched base in New York City in the year 1872 at the age of 16. He started working for his brother by marriage, Eugene Robert. A business outlet had just been set up in New York in 1858 by M. P S Broz, who was prevailing by Audemars and Schaffuss, at that point by F. Eugène Robert and Co. Robert was a merchant of fine Swiss watches. With the assistance of his more youthful sibling, Albert Wittnauer chose there was a requirement for a watch outlined with the majority of the solidness and capacity the American open requested yet with nearby generation to help minimize expenses.

The principal Wittnauer’s watch line was created beginning from the year 1880, yet Albert Wittnauer mark was formally settled in 1885 when Robert gave the title to Wittnauer under the name The A. Wittnauer Company. Albert Wittnauer developments were toward the starting, for the most part, made for them by Swiss firms Revue Thommen and others, while in later years Albert Wittnauer utilized various distinctive hotspots for their developments. The organization started as a little privately-owned company, taking into account the regularly developing universe of both logical and private investigation, which picked up them a notoriety for use by the individuals who required unwavering quality: guides, voyagers, and cosmologists.

The A. Wittnauer Co. turned out to be additionally required with the United States Navy for early tests in the maturing fields of avionics and route. Of the Wittnauer Company and items, horologist Marvin E. Whitney stated: “Nobody organization has been more associated with the plan and generation of such a large number of various kinds of navigational timepieces and been engaged with such a large number of history-production endeavors”

In following years, Wittnauer Co. steadily grew and moved to New York center. During the 20th century, it also bought a production plant in Puerto Rico. When the last Wittnauer brother died in 1916, Martha Wittnauer became the first woman watchmaker CEO.

Amid World War I Wittnauer delivered instruments and looks for the early flying units. The most well-known model was presumably the Wittnauer AllProof, delivered without precedent for 1918, and one of the principal every confirmation display at any point utilized by adrenaline junkie Jimmie Mattern in his 1933 endeavor to fly the world over in his Vega 5B, “Old Cromwell”, and by Neil Armstrong amid the Gemini 8 mission. In 1926, the NBC chose Wittnauer Company to give the official planning to its radio telecom.

On May 20 to 21, 1932 Amelia Earhart made the principal solo trip over the Atlantic with her Lockheed Vega-5B furnished with Wittnauer instruments. Wittnauer items were broadly utilized as a part of logical undertakings and investigation and were – with Longines developments – one of three contenders for the primary mission on the moon alongside Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Daytona.
In 1950 the Swiss association Longines obtained Wittnauer, and advanced some in a general sense the same as lines of watches under both brand names, keeping up divided handling plants.

In 1995 Swatch broke the 125-year coordinated effort amongst Longines and Wittnauer and assumed control over the Longines circulation. The Wittnauer Company held its notoriety for the greater part of the twentieth century. After some spending issues, it was in the long run purchased by Bulova for $11.6 million in September 2001.

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