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Georg Jensen is the name of a famous Danish silversmith; of a world-famed bunch of experts and experts who made silverworks.

Silversmith Georg Jensen becomes born on Aug. 31, 1866, in Raadvad, Denmark. At 14 he started out a goldsmith apprenticeship. In 1904, he opened his personal silversmith save in Copenhagen. He showed his paintings at overseas exhibits and built a robust recognition. He became one of the first metalworkers to use metallic for cutlery. by using 1935, he had stores global and greater than 3,000 patterns.

Jensen made his first piece of jewelry in 1899, a silver and silver and gilt “Adam and Eve” belt buckle.

Born in 1866, Jensen became the son of a knife grinder in the city of Raadvad simply to the north of Copenhagen. Jensen began his schooling in goldsmithing at the age of 14 in Copenhagen. His apprenticeship with the firm Guldsmed Andersen ended in 1884, and this freed younger Georg to observe his artistic pastimes.

From youth, Jensen had longed to be a sculptor and he now pursued this direction of look at at the Royal Academy of exceptional Arts. He graduated in 1892 and commenced exhibiting his paintings. although his clay sculpture become nicely received, making a dwelling as a fine artist proved difficult and he became his hand in the implemented arts. First as a modeler at the Bing & Grøndahl porcelain manufacturing facility and, starting in 1898, with a small pottery workshop, he founded in partnership with Christian Petersen. again the paintings changed into well received, but sales were not robust sufficient to support Jensen, via this point a widower, and his small sons.

Georg Jensen Jewelry

The First major exhibition of jewelry created by Georg Jensen, He founded in 1904 the International Renowned Danish firm. In the 20th century were in it’s still in operation until today this is one of the greatest design companies. It did focus particularly on founding designer/Silversmith Jensen (1866-1935).

Georg Jensen founded his eponymous silversmithy in Copenhagen in 1904. At the age of 18, he finished his apprenticeship with the goldsmith A.R. Andersen, His true ambition was to be a sculptor.

Jensen was famous for his natural aptitude for fashioning silver and developed his hallmark sculptural style, because of his exceptional work and the freshness and modernized jewelry’s he has been acknowledged by the International museums which are the Danish Museum of Decorative Art and Folkwang Museum in Germany and they even purchased the pieces of Jensen for their collections.

There was a book that has been created; the title is  Georg Jensen Jewelry it was said that it was the first scholarly book that has been published and it was published by Bard Graduate Center in collaboration with Yale University Press and it was edited and have research by Mr. Dr. David A. Taylor.

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