JAY By Jay Strongwater Jewelry

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Jay Strongwater History

The maker of Swarovski precious stone encrusted accessories

On the off chance that Russia was as yet managed by tsars, Jay Strongwater’s gem-encrusted manifestations would without a doubt be utilized all through the manor. Indeed, the organization really has a store in Moscow, and also Dubai and in London at Harrods.

Jay Strongwater, whose original name is Jay Feinberg, was conceived in 1960. The Strongwater is an Anglicized adaptation of his mom’s original last name, Starkwasser. He went to the Rhode Island School of Design before he began outlining gems when he was a sophomore. By the ready seniority of 22, his pieces were being sold in Neiman’s, Bloomingdales, I Magnin, and Bonwit Teller.

In the mid-’80s, Strongwater began outlining gems for Oscar de la Renta’s runway accumulations. “What a mind-blowing originator,” Strongwater says. “Working with Oscar truly pushed me an excess of more lavish, ornate, dressier, evening-type adornments. I began to take in more about working with the gems and the stones.”

At that point multi-day in 1995, while he forming a couple of studs, he began “playing around with the craftsmanship and the materials I get a kick out of the chance to utilize and I influenced my first picture to outline,” he says. “Everybody was so interested by it that I chose to give it out to purchasers and editors that Christmas season. Individuals thought it was extraordinary and that I should attempt to assemble an accumulation. Working bigger was fascinating to me. Furthermore, not just the photo outlines. I began making boxes and timekeepers. In any case, it generally established in my history of gems making.”

Today the organization offers Swarovski and semi-valuable gem encrusted everything, from edges to dolls and chimney screens, compacts to timekeepers, Christmas adornments to scent atomizers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. An inspecting of items and costs: A column candleholder ($1,400), a gold panne velvet cushions embellished with precious stone blossoms ($695), stag head wine plug ($225).

Deals are energetic. Strongwater gauges they will be up 15 to 20 percent this year. The greatest merchants: the edges and dolls. In 2015, the originator says they are planning to add lights to the product offering.

The way toward making a Strongwater treasure is intricate. In the first place, the piece goes from the metalsmith in Rhode Island to the stone setting and enameling in a town in upstate New York. “We continue concocting new hues and new procedures of polish, regardless of whether it is layers of lacquer or translucent veneer,” Strongwater says. “Something we pride ourselves on is extremely surprising hues.” Frames require seven days to finish; a chimney screen can keep running up to two months.

The organization began offering Christmas adornments in 2001. “Tragically, the workshop in Poland we were working with left business,” he says. “We took a three-year break. At that point, we began up again in 2011. We work with a great old family workshop in Poland that can blow these glass adornments, to include the sparkle and our trademark Swarovski precious stones.”

Everything returns to those precious stones. “I have an adoration illicit relationship with the Swarovski precious stones, the hues, the cut, the lucidity,” Strongwater includes. “In the meantime, I adore utilizing semi-valuable stones. In the peacock piece, we have a tiger eye, lapis, and jade. I feel that is intriguing to join them.”

Whenever squeezed, Strongwater disputed on naming a most loved piece. Unmistakably, it’s the making that has caught his heart.

“A few pieces are somewhat longer than multi-year being developed,” he says. At the point when that piece comes in the metal and we can begin painting it with the polish and putting the gems, there is nothing superior to that. It is definitive to see a piece that you have been envisioning about become animated. That is the thing that rouses us each season and why we complete two accumulations per year. When everything meets up, at last, is extremely awesome.”

Fashioner Jay Strongwater moved from gems to making a home gathering that is a diamond

‘I’m interested in taking each day things and transforming them into gems for the home,’ says architect Jay Strongwater. ‘Magnificence shouldn’t simply be tucked in a dresser pull-out.’

Beginning as a gems architect in 1979 while going to the Rhode Island School of Design, Strongwater’s vocation took off after he made a neckband for his mom that gathered raves from companions. Energized by the intrigue, he took tests to open purchaser days at New York’s retail establishments and before long had arranged.

Understanding that his school days were finished, he cleared out RISD. He before long intended for Oscar de la Renta’s runway accumulation and was included in ‘Vogue.’

In 1994, he moved from wearable gems to home gems when he made picture outlines for companions and purchasers that Christmas season. They were such a win he dropped his design business for the home line inside three years. His outlines of jeweled casings, vases, candles, boxes, compacts, and mirrors are gathered by Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks and others.

Strongwater says his outlines include the amazement and the feeling of joy you get when you stumble over an excellent bloom in a garden.

These lovely blooms simply happen to show up on your bureau, table, and work area or in your satchel.

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