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The United States Half Dollar Coin is a United States coin worth 50 pennies, or one portion of a dollar. With dimensions of 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) in breadth and .085 inches (2.15 mm) in thickness, it is twice heavier than the quarter,  it is currently the biggest United States circling coin.

The present half dollar, the Kennedy a half dollar, portrays the profile of President John F. Kennedy on the front and the Seal of the President of the United States on the turnaround, yet the layout has encountered different changes every single through it history.

Regardless of the way that not routinely used today, half dollar coins have a long history of substance utilize near various areas of coinage. Be that as it may, they have become diminish of a general stream for a few reasons.

The Congress approved the production of the Kennedy Half Dollars as a remembrance to the late President John F. Kennedy a little more than a month of his passing. Existing work works of Mint stone carvers Gilroy Roberts and Frank  Gasparro was utilized, hence expediting the striking of the new coins which started in January 1964.

The United States Mint first printed the1964 variant in 90% silver. The 1965-1970 adaptations were just 40% silver and coins from 1971 and up are not silver but rather are an attractive coin in any case.

Frank Gasparro planned the coin, and as a result, we have JFK’s picture at the front and the presidential seal at the back of the coin.

In 1861, the New Orleans mint created coins for three distinct governments. A total of 330,000 were struck under the United States government, 1,240,000 for the State of Louisiana after it pulled back from the Union, and 962,633 after it joined the Confederacy. Since a similar bite the dust was utilized for all strikings, the yield appears to be indistinguishable.

There are two assortments of Kennedy half dollars in the verification set issues of 1964. At first, amazing utilized with highlighted hair, indicating further lines than the president’s dowager, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, loved. New bites the dust were set up to smooth out a portion of the points of interest.

List of designs

Silver half dollars

  • Flowing Hair 1794–1795
  • Draped Bust 1796–1807
  • Draped Bust, Small Eagle 1796–1797
  • Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle 1801–1807
  • Capped Bust 1807–1839
  • Capped Bust (Large Size), With Motto 1807–1836
  • Capped Bust (Small Size), No Motto 1836–1839
  • Seated Liberty 1839–1891
  • Seated Liberty, No Motto 1839–1866
  • Seated Liberty, With Motto 1866–1891
  • Barber 1892–1915
  • Walking Liberty 1916–1947
  • Franklin 1948–1963
  • Kennedy 1964 (General circulation issue) (the last 90% silver a half dollar for circulation, contains 0.36169 oz. net silver per coin, or 7.234 oz. silver per roll)
  • Kennedy 1992–present (silver proof sets available)

40% silver half dollars

  • Kennedy 1965–1969
  • Kennedy 1970 (collectors sets only)
  • Kennedy 1976 (only collectors sets produced with 40% silver)

Copper-nickel clad half dollars

  • Kennedy 1971–1974, 1977–1986, 1988–2001
  • Kennedy 1987, 2002–present
  • Kennedy Bicentennial 1975–1976 (dated 1776–1976)

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