Ottoman Silver Collection

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This gathering is made in Turkey and by a portion of the best Filigree Artists on the planet. We have been providing adornments to a portion of the best retail outlets including the best-known TV retailers for a long time. Besides the USA, it has sold and has a solid following in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. We are going to make a big appearance in China soon.

Plans are motivated by history and nature. The Ottoman Empire that loans its name to our gathering acquired the social wealth of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. In this piece of the world, they have been making adornments for 8 centuries. It was home to goldsmiths of Assyrian, Armenian, Greek, Persian, Arabic and Turkish legacy.

History and nature-motivated styling are refreshed to stay aware of the changing needs and tastes of the advanced lady.

Notwithstanding filigree, we have risen gold plated silver adornments with CZ and semiprecious stones. These are for the most part propelled from what women of the Ottoman Empire wore in the Palace.

The workmanship is perfect. Each workshop that adds to this accumulation has at least 25 long periods of making gold and silver adornments in Turkey.


Filigree is the specialty of EMBROIDERY WITH METAL THREAD (cutting, winding, molding, and fastening metal strings to make adornments). Diverse check metal wire is bent and made into a casing, and this edge is later on loaded with different thinners contorted, molded metal strings to plan the shape. It is fundamentally the same as ribbon weaving. Rather than tying the string, here, the metal strings are patched.

Turkish Filigree is loaded with blooms, branches, winged creatures, and bugs. Anything that is in nature. Also, memorable images of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine, and the Ottomans.

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