Heidi Daus

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Craftmanship, exceptional outline
A pioneer and pioneer of the announcement gems idea, since 1981 Heidi Daus has made a portion of the world’s most fantastic bits of adornments.

Consolidating long-established customs from each period with the most state-of-the-art strategies, each cleverly outlined piece is handset utilizing impeccably clear Swarovski precious stones, Italian-propelled chain, and Heidi’s unmistakably lavish bronze tone wrap up.

From remarkably glitzy articulation pieces to rich and venerated critters, works of nature and florals, Heidi Daus adornments is as dazzling and as cherished as the lady who wears it.

Heidi Daus jewelry

Unprecedented plan…                                                                                                  Unparalleled craftsmanship…                                                                                      Astonishing measurements in shading and light…

Each bit of adornments is deliberately planned and designed in Montclair, New Jersey. Above all, they’re made to withstand the trial of time.

Consolidating respected conventions from each period with the most breakthrough procedures, each cunningly planned piece is handset utilizing perfectly clear Swarovski precious stones, Italian-propelled chain, and Heidi’s particularly rich bronze tone complete to guarantee our gems endures forever.

The Heidi Daus adornments gathering epitomizes predominant outline, style, and shading. Since 1981 the perfect works of art of Heidi Daus have set priority for the adornments business and spearheaded the idea of proclamation gems. Heidi was presented to design at a youthful age and understood her blessing at an early stage. Taught and brought up in New York City where the main Heidi Daus studio was conceived Heidi ventured to the far corners of the planet and brought back her motivations from the design capitals and fused the best adornments making procedures into her work. Heidi’s adoration for compelling artwork, nature, and home stylistic theme are reflected in her plans. Each piece envelops interesting masterfulness and highlights beautiful colorways, geometric workmanship deco impacts, and etched complex meticulousness. Polish, Sophistication, and Confidence characterize the Heidi Daus lady. It’s a sisterhood of sorts that is certain to make an uncommon bond when a fan recognizes a Heidi Daus piece in a group.

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