Nicky Butler Jewelry

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Nicky Butler displays an unmistakable and profoundly conspicuous style, noted for his open-work plans and serious utilization of larger than average and numerous stones. His offbeat approach takes after antique historical center display accumulations. In spite of the fact that creators are matching his work with advancing and in vogue molds, Nicky’s manifestations stay steady and everlasting – hung on changeless show in London’s celebrated around the world Victoria and Albert Museum

Rose Quartz Filigree Sterling Silver Cigar Band Ring

The vibe of a captivated sentiment is caught by the finesse of this cute ring. Heart-molded filigree plans swathe the shoulders and exhibition of the stogie band. A checkerboard-cut, East-West oval rose quartz stone (approx. 10x14mm) shimmers from a bezel setting at the ring’s inside, loaning a sweet pink tint to the ring.

The legacy like gems Nicky Butler is known for comes from long stretches of managing collectibles in London’s Portobello Market (the world’s biggest old-fashioned commercial center) and the yearly King’s Road Antiques Fair. His discovered fortunes were massively fruitful, and their fame touched off Nicky’s enthusiasm for adornments plan.

Amethyst and Moonstone ‘Lily’ Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Embellish yourself with the wonderfully fragile plan of these enchanting studs. An East-West oval rainbow moonstone cabochon (approx. 6x8mm) at the stud’s post bolsters the whirling metalwork drop, which looks like a lily. For a fix of shading, an oval amethyst (approx. 8x10mm) decorates the base of the drop.

This specialty pulled in a wide exhibit of fans, and Nicky had the pleasure of being dispatched by a portion of the greatest originators in high design – Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Karl Lagerfeld – to make runway accumulations.

‘Raj Glow’ Lime Quartz and Gemstone Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Adorn yourself with the extravagant look of this Raj Collection by Nicky Butler. This sleeve flaunts a caviar-beaded, openwork outline and scalloped, rope-finished fringes with a checkerboard-cut, East-West oval lime quartz (approx. 10x14mm) at its middle. East-West oval rainbow moonstone cabochons (approx. 8x10mm) focus the shoulders in roundabout casings of multi-formed and measured amethyst, faceted rainbow moonstone, iolite, refined freshwater pearls and garnet jewels.

Nicky has consummated the craft of mixing old and new. His enthusiasm for India’s most lavish lines propelled him to make new pieces for the Raj Collection. These numbered, constrained release pieces are totally hand-made in light of Old World craftsmanship esteems.

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