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Factors to Consider when Selling Diamond Earrings

There are a few things you should consider in selling your diamond earrings with us. You might say that it’s about the 4C’s again, and yes, that’s true, however there are also a few things we consider. This is also how we will buy your diamond earrings.

The Color of Diamond Earrings

The color of diamond earrings won’t matter that much because diamond earrings sit close to your hairline and they are covered by your hair most of the time. People have mostly purchased diamonds in the H-J range in the color scale, but a colorless diamond still has a bigger impact in the value of diamond earrings we are going to buy.

Diamond Clarity

Same with the color of diamond earrings, clarity of the diamonds won’t be clearly visible when they are in your ears. However, a high clarity grade is preferable since a cleaner or a clearer diamond looks better whether from a far or normal viewing distance.

Diamond Cut

The way a diamond is cut will affect its symmetry and proportions. A cut affects how much light the stone reflects, that means that the sparkle of a diamond is largely due to the cut. A well cut diamond with a wide face up surface will dazzle more. For example, brilliant facet cut can make diamonds pop brighter.

The Carat of Diamond

Most diamonds in a diamond earring has a smaller and lighter weight due to the fact that these earrings sit in your ears. Ideally, a suitable carat weight for this would go from 1-2 ctw. But we are talking about carats, regardless of the qualities, the higher the carat, the higher the value.

Diamond Earrings Settings

There are different types of diamond earrings settings, but the most popular ones are bezel, and prong settings.

  • Bezel Setting: This is the safest setting from all of the different settings out there. The diamonds are encircled by metal bands to hold them in place, making them more secure compared to prong setting.
  • Prong Setting: It can be a 4 or 6 prong setting. The diamonds are held by prongs in place, giving the diamonds more visible space to sparkle and dazzle. But prongs are less safe than bezel setting.

Metal for Diamond Earrings

There are different metal bands used for diamond earrings. They are 10k, 14k, 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

The main factor for these metal bands is durability. The durable the metal is, the higher it will contribute to the total amount of the diamond earring.

Mostly, diamond earrings in platinum metal bands cost more because of platinum’s durability. But, whatever metal bands you have with your diamond earrings, we will give you a fair price for it.

Estimate Price for Diamond Earrings

We will give you samples of how much we will pay for your diamond earrings. This includes that carat weight, metal band, color, shape, and cut of the diamond earrings.

For a round brilliant cut diamond with a 2.00 ctw, VS2 clarity, I color diamond in a 14k white gold metal band drop earrings, it will cost up to $2,200.

And for a round brilliant cut diamond with a 3.00 ctw, with VS2 clarity, I color grade, in a 14k white gold metal band hoop earrings can cost up to $4,900.

We also buy a princess cut diamond with a 0.30 ctw, with VS2 clarity, I color grade in a 14k white gold screwback stud can cost up to $300.

If you are thinking of selling your diamond earrings, just message us and we will give a fair assessment for it.