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Made with 90% silver, the Walking Liberty half dollar was minted from 1916 to 1947. Walking Liberty half dollars were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. The obverse of the coin displays Liberty in a walking motion, the reverse displays a majestic eagle standing with its wings held up. The San Francisco and Denver mint-marks for the 1916 and 1917 issues varied between the obverse and reverse of the coin. The Walking Liberties weigh 12.5 grams and contain .36169 of an ounce of silver. A fairly large coin, they are 30.6 mm in diameter.

The Walking Liberty half dollars are a popularly collected series both for their beautiful design, but likely also because they span the period encompassing both World War I and World War II. Who knows the stories these coins could tell having existed during some of the more turbulent periods in American history. In most cases these coins were minted in the millions or tens of millions, so they are fairly plentiful even today, however since they were made with 90% silver most, if not all have been taken out of circulation and put away in collections or just hoarded for their silver content.


The value of the coins in this series generally ranges from about $8 in lower grade condition to about $60 in high grade condition. The early years of the series from 1918 to 1920 range from about $20 to the low thousands of dollars in the same states of condition. There are several semi-key and key dates to this series. Both the 1916 and 1917 minted years with obverse mintmarks can be worth thousands of dollars in high mint state. This is also true for the 1919 D and 1919 S. Other semi-key dates are the 1923 S, 1927 S and 1928 S, all of which can command into the thousands of dollars in high mint state. The key date to the series is 1921 with the D and S minted varieties commanding tens of thousands of dollars in high mint state. Even a lower grade example of the 1921 D can be worth $250.

Because of their silver content, these coins have been referred to as “constitutional” or “junk” silver and are often sold based on the spot price or current “melt value” of silver. In point of fact, when the silver spot price is relatively high, these coins have been sold and many ultimately melted down for that silver potentially creating future unknown rarities. Other determiners of value are true of any collectible coin. These include, scarcity and condition. The semi-key and key dates referred to earlier tend to be the most scarce coins of the series, however condition also plays a significant role in determining the collector value of a coin. In order to be certain of the condition of a coin, and because there are so many differing opinions as to that condition, those in the best states of preservation are generally determined by a third party grading company. Such coins have been authenticated, graded and encapsulated by expert coin grading companies to minimize any doubt as to their quality and therefore their potential value.

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