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Bullion is a term for any gold, silver, or platinum item that can maintain its worth over the years, and that is why it is often stored as emergency currency by the government, banks, or even private individuals. The term “bullion” is from the French word “bouillon” which means boiling – a process that induces melting which is the main reason why ingots or rounds exist. 

Bullion, in coins and bars, is considered a legal tender that has currency value. It is said that 20% of mined gold across the globe is already in the form of bullion sitting in many internationally recognized banks around the world.

The Bullion Bars

Bullion bars are thin and rectangular “ingots” – a term that refers to blocks of gold, silver, or platinum produced by minting companies. A minting company is an industrial business that specializes in bullion production. They stamp their logo together with the exact weight and purity value on the bar’s surface. The exact size and weight of bullion depend on them.

Though hard to trade, bullion bars are the most common type of investment for businessmen and entrepreneurs because they carry the lowest premium or the additional cost on top of a bullion’s market value. The value or the price point of bullion is determined by its weight, pureness, and metal’s market price. Unlike coins, bars can be bought at the lowest price possible. The reason for this is that the added cost of designing and packaging coins may top its current worth.

Both gold and silver bullion bars are considered good investments today. Its price is actually reflected in the economy. Usually, the price of gold increases during economic instability or other global financial issues that may lead to debt and financial collapse. It is basically this collapse that makes bullion worth keeping and selling.

Where to Sell

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