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Diamond Stud Earrings – Quality Guidelines

Because engagement rings are more popular than Diamond Stud earrings, not many people know how to evaluate them properly.  First, lets explore some reasons why this might be:

Why Diamond Stud Earrings are hard to evaluate

  1.  Diamond Stud Earrings are owned by fewer people
  2. More scrutiny is placed on rings versus diamond studs
  3. You can hold a ring up to someone’s face, but it can be awkward to have them look closely at your ear.

For these reasons, not many people know what matters to diamond buyers and collectors.  Here are the things that DO matter for diamond stud earrings:

What doesn’t matter for evaluating diamond studs?

  1. “eye clean” – for Studs, color and clarity are not as important.
  2. Small inclusions are not as visible on diamond studs
  3. External flaws are also not as visible.
  4. Lower grades don’t matter, depending on the skin or hair color of the wearer

What DOES matter when evaluating diamond stud earrings?

CUT:  For diamond studs, the CUT is the first thing that gets evaluated.  Although the rest of the 4 C’s matter to an extent, the cut of the stud is the most important factor.

Why is this?  Well, when you can’t evaluate all the other aspects of it as well, the CUT is the style, and is what gets judged first, and foremost.

Diamond Stud Earring Cuts

The most common & popular shapes for Diamond Stud Earrings are:

  • Round Cut
  • Asscher Cut
  • Princess

These are the ones in most demand nowadays.   Some other less popular cuts are:

  • Marquise cuts
  • Pear Cuts

Diamond shape cuts are a large reason why we can pay more for one set of diamonds studs, than for another set.

Carat Weights for Diamond Studs

Earlobes matter!  If a carat weight is too heavy on your ear, it won’t look so sexy.  Go with a weight that matches the pull/pressure you want on your ear.

Total Carat Weight

Some studs can have multiple, and smaller diamonds on them.  It is the TCW or total carat weight, of all combined diamonds you should be aware of – NOT just the biggest center one.

Setting & Backing Weight

Also take into account the weight of the gold, silver, or platinum setting that the item is in.  This can add more droop your earlobe, then just the diamonds alone.

Earrings Settings – Diamond Studs

Its not just the Diamond shape that matters; The settings also bring beauty to the piece as well.   In fact, many people look equally at the setting as they do the diamond:

Different Setting Types

  • Platinum metal settings
  • Silver settings
  • Gold settings: 10k, 14k, 18k
  • Fancy settings
  • Minimal settings

Stud Earring Backs

Backs of studs never get thought of (until you lose them).   These are the MOST lost pieces of jewelry in the world, and for good reason.   They are tiny and no one cares about them until they have fallen in between the couch cushions (or worse down the sink drain).

At Nevada Coin Mart, we don’t pay too much for backs, in fact you can bring them in without the backs and only take a minimal hit on price paid.

So if you are missing the backs – or not – just bring it in and we will give you a fair assessment when selling your Las Vegas Diamond Stud Earrings.