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Commemorative coins from the United States Mint have always been popular with collectors since they were first issued in 1892 in the period known as the Classic Commemorative period, (1892 to 1954). Usually of a fairly limited quantity, these coins tend to be souvenirs that honor great men and events in American history and serve as yet another more rare and unique area of coin collecting interest. In the beginning, the U.S. commemorative releases were a means of raising money in support of the events for which the commemorative was created, these coins became highly prized and rose in value significantly over the years. The release of Commemorative coins started again in what is now referred to as the Modern Commemorative period, (1982 to current date). In this current period, monies raised by the modern Mint releases are based on a surcharge with the profits going directly to the government and generally used to help with the funding of new museums, the maintenance of monuments, the preservation of historical sites and the support of various Olympic programs and more.

The commemorative coins minted are usually released as a collector’s item and the people or events identified for the commemoratives are determined by Congressional authorization. Although these coins have a face value, and are considered legal tender, they are not minted for general circulation. Modern commemorative coins are made with composites of gold or silver or as (non-precious metal) clad coinage. In this treatment, we will focus on the Modern clad and silver commemorative coins and proof coins. The clad coins have a layered copper-nickel composition, while the silver commemoratives were made with a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. To date there have been over eighty different commemoratives issued.

Modern clad and silver commemoratives are issued in denominations of half dollar and one dollar coins. The first commemorative coin released since 1954 was the George Washington 250th Anniversary silver half dollar minted in 1982 and issued to honor the 250th anniversary of the president’s birth. The Uncirculated version was struck at the Denver Mint and the Proof was struck at the San Francisco Mint. Both regular and proof issues are worth about $10 to $12 in high grade.


In 1983 and 1984, commemoratives were released to celebrate the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. Two different Silver Dollar varieties were created. The 1983 coin has an obverse with a depiction of a Discuss Thrower in motion and a reverse with the profile of a large American Bald Eagle. The 1984 coin displays the Olympic Coliseum on the obverse and the image of an American eagle looking back over its shoulder and perched on a stone. Both coins were minted at the Denver and San Francisco mints. Highly graded examples of these coins are valued at approximately $30. Throughout the Modern period of commemoratives, the Olympics have become a popular theme and various Olympic Games held in the United States, as well as in other countries, have been featured on U.S. commemorative coinage.

The Statue of Liberty bicentennial commemorative was issued in 1986 and struck as both a half dollar coin in clad and a one dollar coin in silver. The half dollar version features a ship of immigrants steaming into New York Harbor and has the Statue of Liberty in the foreground facing outward toward the New York skyline and a rising sun in the distance. The reverse pictures an immigrant family with their belongings on the threshold of America. The silver dollar commemorative honors Ellis Island as the “Gateway To America”. The obverse features a classic pose of the Statue of Liberty with the Ellis Island Immigration Center behind her. On the reverse of the coin is Liberty’s torch with the words, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free”. In exceptional condition, the half dollar coin sells for about $5 while the silver dollar coin is worth about $25.

Throughout the Modern era of commemoratives, clad and silver commemorative coins continue to be released that acknowledge anniversary milestones from various events relating to presidents, generals and other individuals of interest, sports, armed forces, unique locations and the anniversaries of significant American events. Most of these coins can be had for between a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the condition and rarity of the coin. Since most modern commemorative clad and silver coins were produced in large quantities, the collector’s interest has been satisfied and therefore there are usually more coins minted than collectors desiring them. As a result, the value of the more modern issues of clad coins in particular has not risen much above the original issue price. In the case of the modern silver issues, the mintage numbers tend to be somewhat less and the coins may see a bit of a premium over their issue price for high grade examples. Examples of modern silver commemoratives that are not in exceptional condition may only be valued for their silver content alone, based on the current spot price of the metal.

Because there are so many varied opinions on the condition (or grade) of a coin, the values mentioned reflect the highest retail prices that have been obtained for those coins that have been assessed by a third party grading company. Such coins have been authenticated, graded and encapsulated by expert coin grading companies to minimize any doubt as to their authenticity, quality and value and therefore their potential worth. Coins that are not authenticated may still be valued more if they are accompanied by their original Mint packaging and certificates of authenticity.

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