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What is a Loose Diamond?

A loose diamond is the end product that started with a rough diamond that came out from a mine. A rough diamond is a diamond that came out from a mine and hasn’t undergone processing yet. Rough diamonds are cut expertly by machines to ensure that the best color, sparkle and facets shine through. Once this is done, they are polished to perfection and are ready to be used to craft jewelry. A loose diamond is a diamond that is ready for sale and ready to be mounted on a ring, a pendant, earring or any piece of jewelry.

Different Shapes of Loose Diamonds

Here are a few shapes of loose diamonds that we buy:

  • Round Diamonds: Round loose diamonds is the most classic and popular choice because of its 58 facets that reflects light, making it shine and dazzle brighter. And it is mostly used as solitaire pendant for necklaces, engagement rings, and earrings.
  • Princess Diamonds: These are the second most popular shape for diamonds. Princess diamonds also have 58 facets that sparkles like round diamonds. They are often purchased loose to be made for engagement rings or for earrings.
  • Cushion Diamonds: They are considered to be a blend of round and princess diamonds. This shape is popular as well, and it has 58 facets, same as with round and princess diamonds. The cushion cut is also known as pillow cut diamond.
  • Emerald Diamonds: This diamond also has 58 facets with three rows of top steps and three rows of bottom steps. The emerald diamond has a unique and striking shape, therefore, it is important that the color and clarity are being considered in choosing this cut because any inclusions or tints of yellow are clearly visible through it’s face up.

These are the other shapes we purchase: oval, pear, asscher, marquise and radiant.

Loose Diamond Cuts

There are different variety of diamond cuts we buy. here are:

  • Brilliant Cut: This is the most popular cut among diamonds. Brilliant cut diamonds are machine cut, and with this cut, it enables jewels to dazzle more from any angle. The brilliant cut diamond can be more expensive than those jewelries that are cut on other ways. However, it has the most popular appeal and therefore the most resale value.
  • Modified Brilliant Cut: This cut is also known as fancy cut, and it has the same cutting style with round diamond. Though the diamond shape can vary, it is most commonly seen on shapes like oval, marquise, and pear.
  • Step Cut: The step cut is more popular for emerald shape diamonds because of the cutting style in which facets run parallel to each other at the edge of the stone. This elegant and unique type of cut has scintillation and shine that maximize most of the original diamond weight and carat size.
  • Old World Cut: ¬†This cut is also known as European cut, Rose cut, and the Old Miner cut. This cut is crafted by hand, and this was the primary style of diamond cutting. They don’t sparkle as much as the brilliant cut diamonds because of the larger, more open facets, and they are not always optimized for symmetry.

Loose diamonds differ by these qualities, and we would like to have what you can offer to us and give you a good deal for your loose diamonds.

How We Buy Loose Diamonds

As you all know, we follow certain measures in buying diamonds. Usually, we use 4C’s, and certification, well, that’s also how we buy loose diamonds.


  • Carat Weight: Carat weight is considered the most in determining the price for your loose diamonds. Carat weight determines the size of the loose diamond, so the bigger the diamond, the higher we will pay.
  • Cut: There are different cuts for diamonds. Cut refers to how the facets and angles of a diamond work together to reflect light. A well cut diamond gives more sparkle, brightness and reflects the beauty of the diamond more. We will pay more for a beautifully cut diamond.
  • Color: It refers to how yellowish or colorless the diamond is. Those colorless diamonds ranges rare to very rare grade in GIA scale, and we will pay higher for these very rare color grades of loose diamonds.
  • Clarity: This is about the inclusions and the flawlessness of the diamond. The cleaner a diamond is, the rarer it is and the more we will pay for it.


The diamond’s shape can also affect the cost of the diamond. Round cut diamonds are more popular and of high-demand. If you have a round cut loose diamond, consider it selling to us and we will give a good offer for it.

GIA Certified

This is very important. Loose diamonds that is GIA certified can have a better offer since they have proof of their qualities that’ll suit the price we will pay for them. If your loose diamonds is GIA certified, you can be confident that the diamond’s grade is true and you will receive the exact price of the diamond you sell for.