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The Peace dollar was first minted in 1921 and continued its mintage through 1935 having succeeded its predecessor the Morgan silver dollar. Its weight, diameter and composition are identical to the Morgan dollar and like the Morgan contain 90% silver. Peace dollars were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver. The Peace dollar’s design was, at least in part, to commemorate the intent of lasting peace after World War I.

How Peace Dollars are Valued

Just like the Morgan dollar, they are a large coin, (38.1 mm in diameter and weighing 26.73 grams). Since they are 90% silver, their intrinsic value is based on their silver content. While they bare the denomination of “one dollar” as their face value, they maintain an intrinsic value tied to their silver content, which is 0.77344 of a troy ounce. This suggests that regardless of any other factor, they will always be worth an amount equal to their weight in silver consistent with the current silver spot price or “melt value”.


Generally speaking there are only a few Peace dollars that have a high collector’s value. This is true because with but a few exceptions these coins were minted in the millions. However, like all collectible coins, those found in the highest quality can command a premium. When the Peace dollar was first minted in 1921 and briefly in 1922, the design had what is known as a “high relief”. This refers to the design being raised on the coin. However, due to problems with stacking the coins, the design was redone and what is called a “normal relief” continued for the remainder of 1922 through the end of the series in 1935. As a result, and given very few coins were minted with the high relief design, these coins are highly sought after and can range in value from a few hundred dollars in circulated condition to several thousand dollars in the highest uncirculated mint state. The 1928 and 1934 S coins are also more desirable. In the case of the 1928 this is true because of a low mintage of just over 360,000 coins. In the case of the 1934 S, while well over a million coins were minted, fewer survive, particularly in better condition due to extensive melting of that date and mintmark. Most other coins value in the series is due to their silver content unless they are in an extremely high grade of preservation.

In Summary

While there are many collectors of Peace dollars, unless the coins are in extremely high grade, they do not carry a significant premium over their silver content. Our coin specialists are more than happy to examine and make an offer for your Peace dollars. Please be aware that the more valuable and scarce examples are usually graded and encapsulated by a reputable third party grading service, particularly PCGS or NGC, to ensure their quality and authenticity. Non-graded examples of Peace dollars, which are referred to as “raw” generally carry little value over their silver content. However, you never know and it is always a good idea to bring the coins in for an evaluation. Let our knowledgeable coin specialists examine your Peace dollars and provide you with an appraisal at no cost to you. We will always offer you fair value for your coins. We only ask that you remember that the prices you may find online or in price guides usually represent the highest retail value for the coin and does not necessarily represent what a dealer will offer.