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Platinum is a precious metal, which surged in popularity in the late 18th century. But these metals have been widely used as a significant material for most Egyptian jewelry in the early 17th century. It was named from the Spanish word, “Platina,” meaning little silver due to its high similarity in appearance to silver. Platinum was first thought to be an unripe gold by Spanish conquistadors, which perhaps added to its distinctive character. 

The market for Platinum Bullion Rounds remains high among collectors and astute investors because of its rarity and semblance to Palladium without the high cost. 

Platinum Bullion Rounds vs. Gold Bullion Rounds

For so long, most people are aware of two precious metals: silver and gold. Most collectors prefer gold over silver because it can maintain its value much better. Plus, it can also be used as good as cash. Given this, Platinum Bullion Rounds have become among the mainstays for most collectors. The main reason for this is its rarity. You have to know that to mine an ounce of platinum, you need to have 10 tons of ore and process it for not less than six months, making it among the rarest of all precious metals in the world. Investors know that buying Platinum Bullions now can position them on top of the hierarchy when fiat currency becomes obsolete in the future. Plus, of course, it is an excellent way to diversify their investment portfolio. 

Buying Platinum Bullion Rounds

Collectors can choose from two methods when buying Platinum Bullions rounds. They can either purchase platinum coins or buy platinum bars. 

Platinum Coins vs. Platinum Bars

Government mints like the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint produce platinum coins. The first to be ever introduced in the market is the 1997 American Platinum Eagle, which was well-received by most numismatists worldwide. However, only limited varieties of platinum coins are available due to its high cost and refining issues. For most collectors, the price point well exceeds its actual worth as they can trade the coins for other precious metals that are similarly coveted by collectors. 

Those who want to diversify their investment portfolio can include platinum bars. Typically, the price varies depending on the gram weight of the bars in their collection. They commonly range from $26 to $27,000 for platinum bars weighing 1 gram to 1,000 grams. For rounds, the price is often based on the metal content. The price point will usually follow the prevailing price on the market.