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Diamond Pendants We Buy

‘Pendant’ comes from the Old French word pendre and Latin word pedere which both mean “to hang down”. A diamond pendant is a small piece of jewelry that can be attached to a chain made of precious metal, like gold and platinum, and can be worn on different parts of your body like an anklet, necklace, or a bracelet.

Diamond pendants and necklaces are popular among women due to its understated elegance to eye-binding fashion statements and form of exquisite.¬† By choosing the right design, the diamond necklace can enhance someone’s outfit and draw attention to the wearer’s face. It has this magic that can turn something simple to glamorous one.

Diamond pendant necklaces stands as a status symbol for a person’s prestige and wealth. It is also given as a symbol of love, specifically eternal love.

Solitaire Pendant. A solitaire pendant is a jewelry that has only one gemstone, which is usually a diamond. The pendant is usually attached to a white gold, yellow gold, or platinum chain. Solitaire pendants can range in style from 0.3 Carat in platinum to a 1.5 Carat in white gold.

Diamond Shapes. There are different shapes for diamond pendants but the most popular ones are princess and round brilliant cut diamonds. There are other diamond shapes such oval, marquise, emerald, asscher, radiant, pear, heart, and cushion.

Diamond Pendant Settings and Designs

There are plenty of pendant settings and designs that we buy. For a pendant’s chain, it can be 14k or 18k white gold, and platinum, in which we might pay more for a platinum chain.

There are different pendant settings that you can offer us like the 4 prong or 6 prong settings, that is very popular because this allows the most light to enter the diamond  and reflect back to the eye causing better brilliance and sparkle.

Another setting is the bezel setting, which is very popular too for it enhances the the outline of the diamond shape, and it gives better protection because of a metal rim that surrounds the diamond to hold it in place.

A halo setting surrounds the center stone with diamond melees to enhance its appearance, making the center stone look bigger, and it also adds sparkle to the overall look of the jewelry.

Diamond Cross Necklaces. A necklace that features a cross shape made out of diamonds, and it’s attached to a chain. Diamond crosses range in style, size, and color. A gold diamond cross is timeless, and it’ll last for how many years.

Dancing Diamond Necklaces. Necklaces that have unique designs and settings that allow the center diamonds to move or dance. The dancing diamond pendants range in size and style. The beauty of this type of design is it allows the diamond to showcase its brilliance and sparkle as it continually moves to catch light from various angles.

Here are the other Designs of Diamond Pendants We Buy

  • Halo Prong Diamond Pendant
  • Bella Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Circle Pendant
  • Halo Bezel Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Cluster Pendant
  • Three-stone Diamond Pendant
  • Three-prong Martini Diamond Pendant
  • Half-Bezel and Full Bezel Diamond Pendants
  • Hearts, Flowers, and Other Themed Diamond Pendants

How We Evaluate Diamond Pendants

There are certain procedures we use in evaluating your diamond pendants. We use these to make sure you’re getting the best deal from your diamond pendants.

The 4C’s

  • Cut: Cut is the number 1 quality to consider. A well-cut diamond maximizes the light that strikes each pavilion in which it displays a high level of brilliance and scintillation reflecting it back to the viewer’s eyes. Though, we still need it to be reviewed through a high resolution imagery.
  • Color: It is okay to have a lower color grade like I or J as long as the diamond looks white in relation to its setting.
  • Clarity: A diamond pendant that has little to no blemishes and inclusions is much preferable, we can offer more for it.
  • Carat: A diamond carat weight determines the diamond’s apparent size. This is the second quality we consider, the higher the carat weight, the more we can offer for it.


We always look for a GIA or AGS certified diamonds to ensure that we’re buying quality diamonds. The certificate also stands as our basis for the amount of money we will give you in exchange of your diamond pendant.

Estimate Price We Pay For Diamond Pendants

A diamond pendant’s estimated price depends on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, or simply the 4C’s, the type of setting, and how long it has been used by the seller. For example, a halo diamond pendant in white gold can cost up to $2,900, while a solitaire pendant necklace with a 1.75 carat diamond might cost up to $36,500 in consideration to how long it has been worn.

We also buy per carat diamond but with respect to its cut, color, and clarity. For example, a dull 1 Carat round diamond might only cost up to $4,800, while a well-cut 1 Carat round diamond might cost up to $7,500.

Since you are going to resell your diamond pendants to us, you should expect that we will pay lesser than what you paid for it. We will give a fair and honest deal for your diamond pendants.