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The Coinage Act of 1864, which changed the weight and composition of the one cent coin, included a provision for a bronze two cent piece. Considered today among the nation’s obsolete coinage, the Two Cent coin was only produced from 1864 until 1873, making it one of the shortest lived series of all United States coinage. The Two Cent coins were all produced at the Philadelphia mint. The obverse of the coin displays a large shield surrounded by leaf clusters. Two crossed arrows appear from behind the shield. A banner with the motto, “In God We Trust”, appears above the shield. The date of mintage is displayed beneath the shield at the bottom of the coin. The reverse of the coin displays a large Wheat wreath tied with a ribbon at the bottom. The denomination of the coin, depicted as “2 Cents” appears inside the wreath. The words, “United States Of America”, encircle the outside of the wreath along the edge of the coin. The Two Cent coin is composed of 95% copper and 5% tin, (Bronze). The coin weighs 6.22 grams and has a diameter of 23 mm.

Two Cent coins have been and continue to be a very popular series among collectors. They are a short series lasting only ten years, the last year of which, the 1873 dated coin, was only minted as a proof. The coins are as previously mentioned obsolete, with a denomination that has never been used since it was originally introduced. Most common dates in the series in good condition can be obtained for about $15 to $25, while these same coins in high mint state routinely sell for $175 to $250. The Two Cent coins are also a unique souvenir of the Civil War period in American history. While a full date set of the series is relatively easy to obtain, there are varieties that reach over $3,000 in high mint state. One particular variety, the 1864 “Small Motto”, coined as a proof, is the most valuable of the series and a high proof state example of this coin is valued in excess of $18,000.


Because there are so many varied opinions on the condition (or grade) of a coin, the aforementioned values reflect the highest retail prices that have been obtained for those coins that have been assessed by a third party grading company. Such coins have been authenticated, graded and encapsulated by expert coin grading companies to minimize any doubt as to their quality and value and therefore their potential worth.

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