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Minted from 1840 to 1873 the Liberty Seated silver dollar was unique in having the longest mint run of any dollar coin. A large coin, they were the first to be minted with a 38.1 mm diameter and a weight of 26.73 grams, (measures consistent with both the Morgan and Peace dollars that followed it). Liberty Seated dollars were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans and Carson City. While having a face value of one dollar, the Seated Liberty dollar contains 0.77344 of a troy ounce of silver and so has a minimum value consistent with the current silver spot price or “melt value”.


While the Liberty Seated dollar had a uniquely long period of mintage, they are fairly rare in that, with the exception of 1871 and 1872, never reached a mintage exceeding a million coins. Many years, in fact, did not exceed a hundred thousand minted. While the condition of a coin is always a factor in determining its value, due to the low mintages, virtually every Seated Liberty dollar has a value in the hundreds of dollars in even good condition. In exceptional condition, they can command prices in the thousands of dollars. Because these coins have also been subject to being melted for their silver content, it is unclear how many of the original mintage may have survived to this day. In at least two instances, the 1866 with no motto, (“In God we trust” does not appear on the coin) and the 1870 S, are so rare in exceptional condition, these coins have reached auction prices in excess of a million dollars.

How Liberty Seated Dollars Are Valued

Because of their rarity and popularity with collectors, you should be aware that these coins have been counterfeited extensively and fakes have often been offered for sale by less than scrupulous individuals. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these coins, and are interested in selling it, you should always take it to a reputable dealer with the ability to verify its authenticity. Recently, fakes of this coin have come into the United States from China. Initially, the fakes were relatively easy to spot as they contained iron and therefore stuck easily to a magnet. But still, who wouldn’t be excited when offered a potentially valuable coin from this era, a coin that saw use during the Civil War? More recently, the fakes of this coin have been coated in silver are non-magnetic and have been made to mimic the weight and size of a real Liberty Seated dollar. Unless the coin has been certified and encapsulated by a reputable third party grading service, only the best coin shops are able to employ modern technology that can validate the exact size, weight, and most importantly the specific metallic content in the appropriate proportion to verify that the coin is authentic.

In Summary

Should you find yourself in possession of one of these rare silver dollars and wish to sell it and be certain to get the best price, you can be assured we will always offer you a fair value for your coin given its condition and rarity and with our state of the art x-ray spectrometer, there will be no doubt in verifying the authenticity of your coin.