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Product Overview

There are many coins worldwide.  Some are made from valuable metals such as gold and silver, while others are made with a combination of copper, zinc, and nickel.  Gold, being the most refined element, is considered as the most high-end among others.  A double eagle is a gold coin minted by the United States that comes in a   $20 denomination.  The Ultra-High Relief Double Eagles 2009 was a different version of the one initially proposed and designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907.


The first double eagle gold coin was minted in 1849.  Then, in 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt sought to beautify and redesign the gold coin.  He proposed that Augustus Saint-Gaudens do the work despite his poor experiences with the Mint.  Saint-Gaudens’ health gradually declined during the work’s completion, and experienced difficulties in designing the coin.

He later died in 1907 after designing the eagle and double eagle.  The new coin was named in honor of him and became known as Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles.  Saint-Gaudens’ original design of the gold coin was first officially introduced during that year and was used in circulation until 1933.

Afterwards, coins, which continued to be minted from 1986 through 1991, are dated with Roman numerals, while every 1 oz Gold American Eagle minted after 1992 is branded with Arabic numerals.  With all these transitions, it is said that the Double Eagle remains to be the most beautiful American coin ever made.


A 2009 Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin measures 27.00 millimeters in diameter.  It is double-thick and weighs 31.10 grams. The coin contains 1 troy oz of .9999 pure gold, and the edges are lettered.  It is minted in West Point Mint in New York.  They come in different sizes but identical designs.  The only difference is the markings on the rear side of the coin, which indicate weight and face value.


On the coin’s obverse, Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty is seen holding a torch, statuesquely representing victory.  The torch on her hand symbolizes enlightenment, while the olive branch represents peace.  The United States Capitol can be seen behind her, with the sun’s rays emerging from the horizon.  The reverse side shows a flying bald eagle to represent strength and patriotism.

The obverse also features 50 stars, instead of the original 46 stars, representing the 46 states in the Union in 1907.  It also includes the inscription “In God We Trust” in the same position as “1908”- the year this design first appeared on the coin.  Additionally, a small border was added for a more consistent edge.


The 2009 coin is minted in 24-karat gold. Pure 24-karat gold is much more malleable than 22-karat or 90% gold coins, making it a better material for striking the ultra-high relief.

Spot Price

The 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagles had an initial cost of $1239.  This increased to $1339 in June when the price of gold went higher at the same time.  Then, by December, the already-high price climbed to $1489.

Moreover, a typical sample of the said gold coin in the original mahogany box costs $2,500 in online auctions.  But, in an online sale conducted by Great Collections on the 30th of September last 2009, an unidentified East Coast collector paid $20,903.30 to acquire the coin.